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Gemini – characteristic of the sign


Gemini - characteristic of the signSign period : (May 22 – June 21)
Planet : Mercury
Element: Air
Sign property: changeable, unstable

Any representative of the Gemini sign is a very interesting person. Its characteristic is distinguished by some peculiarity, incredible duality. He can be both a joker-joker and a very serious person at the same time. Only Gemini can so easily assess the situation from diametrically opposed points of view. At the same time, this sign is characterized by impermanence in all manifestations.

Gemini fascinates with their charm. Such people are often called the soul of the company, because their sociability and love for the free transfer of knowledge is very strong.

Many people are unable to cope with Gemini duality, unfairly mistaking it for hypocrisy. However, it is not. Gemini can deceive others, it's true. However, at the same time they deceive themselves.

Gemini - characteristic of the signGemini's life is very hectic. It would seem that fate itself constantly gives these people trials, tempering their will and spirit.

Gemini man – characteristics

A man born under the sign of Gemini is usually very talented. His extraordinary mind and abilities allow this airy person to achieve everything easily and naturally. A cheerful disposition accompanies him even in the most difficult moments. The characteristic of the Gemini man suggests that movement becomes the basis of life. Not having the habit of long reasoning, this person takes everything into his own hands, trying not to miss the opportunities that life gives. The Gemini man sincerely believes that the main thing in business is the beginning, and the rest will follow. It is interesting that in this way the representative of the element of Air reaches good heights in his career and relationships.

Gemini are often dispensable and forgetful due to the constant change of hobbies and the inability to concentrate on something important. Nevertheless, such a person is always surrounded by friends, he is not threatened with loneliness under any circumstances.

The characteristic of Gemini men testifies to the unsurpassed dexterity that this sign achieves in dealing with the opposite sex. He charms one lady after another, leaving them in an effort to find the one that will satisfy his demanding taste. The woman chosen by the Gemini man must be intellectual, in a sense, belong to a special breed, because not only the physical shell is important to him, but also the ability to maintain a conversation and the possibility of mutual spiritual development.

Gemini are not inclined to create significant savings. Rather, on the contrary – it is not difficult for this sign to part with money. He loves to pamper loved ones with gifts, and to children he becomes more a friend than a demanding and strict father.

As already mentioned, the Gemini man chooses a life partner for a long time and carefully. He approaches marriage seriously, checking the relationship with the chosen one as long as possible. The family does not tolerate when they try to control him, although he himself is a real owner. A woman who once neglected his trust will never be able to return a happy, harmonious relationship with Gemini again.

Gemini woman – characteristic

The characteristic of the Gemini woman determines the lively mind and sociability of this lady.

Gemini - characteristic of the signShe is able to pick up the key to the heart and mind of any interlocutor, but she herself opens up to few. An airy woman is fickle, because of this peculiarity, she often gives up what she started if she has an interest in something else. At the same time, she tends to carefully analyze her actions, weighing all the positive and negative arguments, but usually she is not completely sure of the decision made. This is due to the fact that the Gemini woman often herself cannot understand what she really needs.

The characteristic of Gemini women suggests that it is vital for this lady to be surrounded by people corresponding to her intellectual development. Without such a society, she can wither away and fall into depression.

The air lady prefers those activities that require a high concentration of energy, a short but powerful push. She lives with the awareness of her special role among other people, so she tries to help everyone and give practical advice. However, her tendency to criticize and unfairly assess the actions of others may not please all of her interlocutors.

The partner of a woman born under the sign of Gemini is not always able to understand what she really is, because her nature is so changeable! However, one thing is clear: a man who has married this airy woman must be ready for her search for adventure and intolerance to any restriction of freedom. Along with this, he must have such qualities as high intellectual development and hefty willpower.

Gemini sexual compatibility

Gemini is the only representative of the zodiacal circle who is able to find a common language with all twelve signs. However, in adolescence, the best compatibility is achieved with Libra and Aquarius , since all three signs have ease, as well as the desire for freedom and the constant search for something new.

At a more mature age, the characteristic of Gemini will change into a more stable one, which Taurus is able to provide and the energy that Aries gives . After forty years, the union with Sagittarius forms an ideal relationship, involving the joint achievement of the heights of intellectual development.


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