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Moon in the sign of Cancer

The moon in the water sign of Cancer manifests its qualities in the most gentle and harmonious way. Here it is in the sign of the control and feels great in its native element. Such a Moon is very strong and self-sufficient, because at home there is everything people need for a cozy, comfortable, well-fed and prosperous life.

The events of the outside world, in fact, are not of interest to the water moon. People in this position contemplate the worldly vanity with their eternal struggle, tension and anxiety, but in their souls they do not strive for progress and social achievements, protecting themselves from the bustle and stress of the world around them. In their opinion, the most important thing happens on the inner plane: in the soul, in the depths of their own consciousness, in the home and family.

General characteristics

The moon, located in the sign of Cancer in the natal chart , means the natural strength of people, which consists in the ability to take care of themselves and their loved ones, in the ability to give themselves rest in time and restore mental and physical strength. Such people easily manage to establish personal and family life, create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the house, in which everyone is comfortable, joyful and warm.

But on the other hand, the natural strength of the Moon does not provide incentives for human development. Such individuals are happy enough, living in a cozy family nest they created, do not like to stick the nose out and be exposed to the restless influences and tests of the outside world. Lunar Cancers are very closed, and if someone harmed or offended them, they will not consider it necessary to continue communication, but simply lock themselves in their shell, where they feel safe from negativity.

And yet, the owners of the Moon in Cancer can be called lucky, because nature has endowed them with many positive qualities and features:

  • Caringness, responsiveness, kindness and mercy;
  • High sensitivity, good intuition;
  • Affection for home, family and parents;
  • Love for children, the ability to take care of and educate them;
  • Caution, delicacy and tact;
  • Thrift, practicality, thrift;
  • Ability to take care of tomorrow, create reserves;
  • Patience, ability to obey, diligence;
  • High adaptation and ability to recuperate;
  • Excellent culinary skills;
  • Good memory and rich imagination.

Moon in Cancer


Moon in Cancer for a man

The Moon in Cancer in a man is a very interesting characteristic. Such representatives of the stronger sex are endowed with strong feminine qualities, which, however, very harmoniously fit into their personality structure and behavior. Many women dream of a caring and kind spouse who wants to build a house, have many children and protect all family members from storms and instability of the outside world.

Often, a man with the Moon in Cancer sees in his wife only his beloved, mistress and mother, not allowing her to work and not demanding its implementation in society. For him, the main thing is that every evening on the doorstep of the house he was met by an attentive, gentle and kind wife, there was a delicious dinner on the table, and beauty, comfort and order reigned in the house.

Moon in Cancer woman

A woman with the Moon in Cancer is very sensitive, romantic, mysterious and merciful. She believes that the most important aspects of life are a strong family, a happy marriage and healthy children. Therefore, she takes the choice of a future spouse very seriously.

Such a woman will always consult with her parents, especially her mother, before deciding on any radical changes in her life. A woman with the Moon in Cancer will always compare her husband with the image of one of the parents, expecting from him the same care and attention. Such a woman, of course, considers motherhood to be her true vocation.

How to find a common language with the lunar Cancers? Of course, just show sensitivity and attentiveness towards such people, in every possible way to support the traditions that they have established, respect family values ​​and create with them a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at home.

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