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Cancer – characteristic of the sign


Cancer - characteristic of the signSign period : (June 22 – July 23)
Planet : Moon
Element: Water
Sign property: authoritarian, purposeful

Cancer belongs to the type of very sensitive people with a fine mental organization. They are acutely aware of any disapproving glance in their direction, and are very worried about this. At the same time, these people carry a tremendous power within themselves, which gives them the ability to purposefully or not influence people, conveying their mood to them. The periods of the life, painted in melancholic tones, are replaced by periods when their charm is at its best. At such moments, everyone is surprised by the excellent sense of humor of the owners of this sign and their friendliness.

The characteristic of Cancer shows us that this sign is not one of those who go ahead on the path to achieving the cherished goal. People under this sign are more impressed by the patient and careful waiting for the most opportune moment to show their abilities. In addition, these inhabitants of the water element have a tendency to stockpile for a rainy day. Having a solid bank account, Cancers feel comfort and stability, and thoughtless wastefulness shocks them.

Such individuals usually have a rather high opinion of themselves, which does not prevent them from being sufficiently noble and disinterested in relations with people.

Cancer - characteristic of the signCancer man – characteristics

The characteristic of the Cancer man determines the influence of the Moon on the inner state of this person. At times he is benevolent and gallant, and there are times when Cancer becomes blacker than a cloud, because everything seems to him meaningless and insignificant. A representative of the water element is capable of inflating any problems to a gigantic scale. Even if a momentary resolution of a difficult situation is impossible, he considers it necessary to indulge in worries about this. This sometimes repels people close to him.

You cannot have ambiguous conversations with such a man or in any way make fun of his features. He will not stand such an attitude, and the interlocutor will be enrolled in the ranks of ill-wishers. To realize the sense of their own safety, Cancer requires constant positive attention from others. Compliments, love and admiration are what will make him happy.

Deep attachment to the father’s house and especially to the mother is another feature that the characteristic of the Cancer man speaks of. Often there are cases when this man, having not achieved harmony in relations with his chosen one, returns to the care of his mother.

 In a relationship with his beloved woman, Cancer shows extraordinary dedication. Having found the one for which you can move mountains, he will become an affectionate and caring spouse. In addition, Cancer is an excellent father who tries to ensure a bright, financially stable future for his children. If the wife of Cancer shows extravagance, conflicts in the family are possible.

Cancer woman – characteristic

The Cancer woman is outwardly quite good-natured and open in communication, and no one suspects what is really going on in the soul of this lady.

Cancer - characteristic of the signShe rarely lets someone into her mysterious world, because she is constantly tormented by her suspiciousness. She takes any careless statement too close to her heart, this girl constantly thinks that everyone thinks badly of her, and this gives her deep mental suffering. The characteristic of a Cancer woman suggests that she is quite vindictive and, after many years, can reproach her partner for the wrongs inflicted on him.

The representative of the water element is prone to reflection, her nostalgic impulses do not always find understanding in the eyes of the chosen one. She likes to remember the times when she was a child and all problems were solved for her by her parents. A Cancer woman is very attached to her family and requires from her husband the same respectful attitude towards her mother and father.

The characteristic of a Cancer woman indicates that she is a wonderful wife. Entering into any relationship, this girl expects a marriage proposal from her partner, and having received the status of a spouse, she will surround her beloved with attention and care. She is an excellent hostess: the culinary talent of Lady Cancer and her ability to make the atmosphere in the house beautiful and cozy, knows no boundaries. At the same time, the requirements for a man in a Cancer woman are clearly indicated. She appreciates the stability and reliability of a partner, short-term relationships cause a strong imbalance in her soul.

In children, the Cancer woman does not like the soul, often her offspring grow up spoiled. In financial matters, this lady is very scrupulous. She will feel in the best way, having a bank account and constantly replenishing it. A career for her does not make much sense, but if it seems to her that her husband earns little, she will make every effort to increase income.

Cancer sexual compatibility

Cancer’s adolescence is characterized by its positive compatibility with other representatives of the water element – Scorpio and Pisces . Having reached a more mature age, Cancers will find the stability and understanding they need in the person of Taurus and Virgo . After forty years, Cancers, who have already acquired a certain ability for self-control, will find their happiness in union with the purposeful Capricorn .


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