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13 lunar day for a vegetable garden, a garden and plants

The 13th lunar day has the most powerful energy. The most favorable moment to start carrying out summer cottage works. The moon predominates at the top of its active growth , which best contributes to the centralization of the full life energy of many plants in the stem. Today is a good enough time to start harvesting. Collect the fruits of those crops that have only the tip suitable for food.

All the vital energy of various plant species follows the direction from the root system to the top.

  • grafting,
  • landing and
  • transfer,  
  • setting cuttings,
  • mustache trimming,
  • thorough tillage.

This day is best spent harvesting seeds. The seeds harvested today will give excellent shoots along with rich harvests next year.
13 lunar day for the garden

The thirteenth lunar knocks are a period of active growth of the earthly luminary, so fertile plants continue to intensively take moisture and useful minerals from the soil. You urgently need to increase the amount of watering and fertilization of the soil.

The root system today is little vulnerable to vulnerability. However, in the process of cultivating the land, it is still recommended to be very careful when working with garden tools, because there is a risk of serious damage to the root system. As a result of this, diseases can be caused even by the death of any plant. On the thirteenth lunar day, it is not recommended to prune trees, especially when the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius. If you are planning to harvest foliage and foliage, the best option is to postpone it for a better period.


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