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16 lunar day for a vegetable garden, a garden and plants

The 16th lunar day can be devoted to rest. Take a break from work, because today it is not recommended to express any kind of vigorous activity.

The moon shines brightly, the Earth freezes for a while. The vital activity of plants subsides, nutritious juices cease to spread with the same activity into the roots, leaves and fruits of various crops. On this day, all plants stop supplying minerals from the soil, in addition, they also stop consuming moisture. As a result, you should not deal with seedlings or transplants today. It is also better to refrain from:

• deletion,

• pruning of plants.

16 lunar day for the garden
On the 16th lunar day, most plants are absolutely incapable of resisting any negative influences from outside. When working with pruners and other garden tools, you should be extremely careful. Today, the root system of plant crops is extremely unstable, so you should be more careful about different types of work, and it is better to postpone them altogether for a more favorable time. The collection of medicinal plants on the 16th lunar day is ordered to you. On this day, they are completely deprived of their healing properties, and the use will not bring benefit, but harm.

On these lunar days, it is preferable to work with the earth, to loosen the soil, hilling the beds, applying organic fertilizers.


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