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16 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Stairway to Heaven, Butterfly
Stones: Pearl , Tourmaline, Emerald

The physical and astral bodies are in balance today. Whatever happens, try to maintain harmony today and not disturb your inner peace of mind. It is believed that impudent behavior should be completely ruled out on the 16th lunar day. This is the day – true faith in God and purity. In ancient times, preachers were ordained on this day. The day is very suitable for the baptism of a child, well, or your own baptism, if you were not baptized. The most suitable day for a wedding, adoption or adoption of adopted children.

16th lunar dayAn active look is discouraged today, so avoid unnecessary anxiety or clutter.

The 16th Lunar day is good for writing poetry, creativity, knitting, etc. Trips and travels will be very successful. The day is great for making big decisions that will change your whole life. If you arrive at a job you don't like, it's time to leave.

Love and relationships

Today is a great day for romantic dates and dates, spend your date in silence, away from prying eyes. The day is very suitable for weddings.


16th lunar dayThe sixteenth lunar day is well suited for any household chores, both global and small. Very favorable for the sale and purchase of expensive properties.


16 Lunar day – is considered the day of blood renewal. All sorts of exacerbations associated with blood disease may appear. The spleen is affected today. Surgery is not recommended. Dangerous blood loss. Vegetarian diets are very effective today.

Business and money

Today is a rest time. It is better to postpone important and serious matters to another day; it is not recommended to conclude contracts. Financial affairs are also better rescheduled.

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