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19 lunar day for a vegetable garden, a garden and plants

The 19th lunar day is a favorable time for various works on the land. The energy flows of the Earth continue to increase, respectively, today there is a maximum accumulation of vital energy by the root system of cultures. Plant stems on the 19th lunar day very weakly react to various damages, but careless wounding of the root shoot can cause the death of the entire plant. Based on this, it is necessary to more accurately conduct all land work using a garden tool.
19 lunar day for the garden

These lunar days are great for:

  • cutting off young shoots to slow down their growth;
  • in order to slow down the growth of young shoots;
  •  grafting of different plants;
  • preparation of bulbous seeds;
  • weeding and thinning of beds;
  • feeding the roots of your plants with various mineral fertilizers;
  • glaze;
  • spraying with chemicals against pests and
  • elimination of weeds.


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