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19 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Web, Spider
Stones: Chrysolite , Hematite , Agate

The energy of the day is very difficult today. On the 19th lunar day, energy vampires wake up, waiting for their prey and not averse to snacking on your energy. This is the day of dark magic, its influence is very adverse and strong. It is necessary to avoid abandoned dark rooms, corners, rubble. If you feel unwell in any house or room, it is better to immediately retire from this place. You do not need to communicate with unpleasant and unfamiliar people, as well as meet new people.

On the nineteenth lunar day, pride, envy and anger awaken in many people, all the base feelings and instincts that lie dormant in us under the layer of morality, morality and education. Depression rolls in, fears and self-doubt intensify. On such a day, the likelihood of deception and self-deception is very high. You can easily believe and convince yourself of something that doesn't really exist.

19 Lunar dayThe 19th day of the moon is ideal for cleansing. Today you can cleanse almost everything: thoughts, souls, bodies, energy at home, etc. This day is considered ideal for getting rid of old grievances that have settled in our minds. After all, we have invisible energetic threads with every person whom we once met. And the more and stronger the offense, the more energetically connected you are with it. And through these connections our vital energy leaves, and every person needs it so much for development and a happy life.

Dreams today carry valuable information from the future events of our lives.

Love and relationships

This is not the right time for romantic meetings and dates, the 19th Lunar day is very difficult, so it is better to postpone them to another day. Today it is very easy to be mistaken and deceived and is completely unsuitable for dating.


Today it would be very good to carry out energy cleaning and general cleaning of the house, to clean up the accumulated rubble, to throw out old and unnecessary things, to clean up where you rarely clean up. It will renew the energy of the home and bring fresh and clean vibrations.


19 Lunar dayOn the 19th lunar day, it would be good to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, go on a diet, or start a new cycle of physical exercises. The sigmoid colon and the appendix are vulnerable today, so it is not recommended to carry out surgical operations on them.

Business and money

For business and career, this is a neutral day. You should not only deal with money matters, as there is a high probability of self-deception and today it is easy to become a victim of fraud. It is not recommended to repay debts on this day, as there is a great risk of getting into new ones. It's a great day to work in a creative direction.

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