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25 lunar day for a vegetable garden, a garden and plants

On the 25th lunar day, it is necessary to abandon active work and observe the plants, conducting analysis and planning further actions. On this day, numerous works can be carried out in the garden, and since the moon is waning , the plants seem to freeze, and the processes in them begin to decline. Consequently, as a result, the movement of juices inside the plants slows down, which means that it is time to start planting those crops that give root crops. On the 25th lunar day, it is recommended to sow and plant crops that bring root crops – these are legumes, turnips, radishes, and so on.
25 lunar day for a vegetable garden, orchardOn this day, you can dig up flower bulbs. During the waning moon, you can weed, plow and sprinkle plants from numerous pests, and you can also loosen the earth, but you should be careful when working. On the 25th lunar day, you can start drying herbs that are medicinal.

On the 25th lunar day , trees and plants should not be watered abundantly, since on this day the plants are not able to accept a large amount of water. At this time, carrying out various manipulations with the roots is undesirable, since as a result of careless handling, trees may die. This is also the reason why trees should not be pinched and dived.


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