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25 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Shell, Turtle
Stones: Onyx , Ruby , Red Jasper

In esotericism, this day opens a window to the world of subtle energies, people with the gift of seers open a channel of telepathy and clairvoyance. You can spy on and find out your future. Today is the day of predictions and prophecies. All types of fortune telling will predict exact events from the future. For those who have been practicing meditation for a long time, today the arrival of “Siddhi” is possible, in yoga it is called a collateral gift of supernatural abilities (clairvoyance, telepathy, perfect intuition, awareness).

Active actions on the 25th lunar day will not bring a positive result, but they can easily unsettle your balance and peace of mind, it is better to spend this day calmly and devote it to yourself.

Dreams on the 25th lunar day are very often prophetic and quite symbolic, but you need to be able to correctly interpret them.

Love and relationships

Today is a neutral day for romantic dates and relationships, if you are not talkative, then it is better to postpone the date to another day, otherwise you will be silent all the time when you meet.


Today is not a good day for serious household chores. It is better to postpone the repair, so as not to redo it later, today little is possible, and this will sooner lead to an emotional breakdown than to a positive result.


25th lunar dayOn the 25th day of the moon, physical activity is not recommended, and also give up heavy food. Health well restores daytime sleep, of course, if there was a full night's sleep. Ears, head, senses are vulnerable today. The best day for yoga.

Business and money

For business and career, this is a neutral day, people on the 25th day of the moon are usually lazy, apathetic and inattentive. It is better to postpone all monetary affairs, since there is a high probability of making a mistake.

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