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22 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut : visitors to hairdressers and beauty salons on the 22nd lunar day have a chance to increase their respectability and improve the respiratory and excretory systems of the body. A beautiful haircut made on this day will last for a long time, because the moon is waning during this period .

Dyeing : To attract financial inflows, you can dye your hair natural, natural colors. Use only dyes of natural origin!

What to do with your hair : styling should be as natural as possible and in accordance with traditions, then it will be possible to preserve the invisible threads that connect a person with the environment. It is recommended to use the comb on the twenty-second lunar day as often as possible – at least three times.
22 lunar day - hair cuttingSuch simple techniques will make it possible to gain unique philosophical knowledge. Amazing in their simplicity, intellectual judgments can significantly affect the life of every person, changing his attitude towards others and towards himself. On such a day, it is very tempting to set off on the road. Travel can be both distant and close, the main thing is the benefit that it will bring for the spiritual state of the traveler. You can simply dream, imagining the most amazing places in the world, then it will become clear what is really important in this life. One of the most favorable periods for creative research. Many books, songs and poems were written on the 22nd day of the lunar calendar .


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