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17 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut: if there are no tangible changes in personal life or business, a haircut will not do any harm. Otherwise, it is better to refuse it. In general, the 17 lunar day is great for any procedures related to hair.

Coloring : you should give the hair a light shade of reddish or make it lighter – this way you can significantly improve relationships with others.

What to do with your hair : Ideal is braiding with a yellow ribbon. This will ensure the attraction of positive solar energy, which is the best stimulator of enthusiasm and a positively active attitude towards what is happening.
17 lunar day - hair cuttingA good time to study, communicate with new people and master additional knowledge. You can outline possible prospects for spiritual and material well-being – such work will be very productive on the seventeenth lunar day . The perception of any intellectual information will be easy, which will be greatly facilitated by properly trimmed hair. Any creative or intellectual activity will be encouraged on this day.


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