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23 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut : it is better to bypass the hairdresser's side, since a haircut can significantly harm, bring a variety of troubles along with it. The waning moon slows down the growth of hair cut on the 23 lunar day .

Coloring : hair can be dyed with any natural composition, but always with the participation of someone close to you – this will provide a lot of positive emotions.

What to do with your hair : The best way to feel happy is to curl your hair. The shape of the hairstyle does not matter: it can be light waves or elastic curls, a curly “transmitter” in any case will attract the beneficial energy of space. The content of the twenty-third lunar day is always unpredictable: a person can rush from one to another, and end up doing a completely different thing.
23 lunar day - hair cuttingIt is difficult to predict what results will be summed up in the evening, since the mood is even more changeable than the wind outside the window. An excellent time for creativity, inspiration will last for the whole day, and the energy will be overflowing. At the same time, uncontrollable emotions and excessive manifestation of identity and originality can lead to a catastrophe of universal proportions. It is on such days that gaps between lovers, dismissals from work and a radical change in lifestyle most often occur. In such a situation, it will not hurt the ability to control emotions and feelings. Do not get carried away with alcohol, drugs and other bad habits. It is also worth refraining from activities that are extreme. In order to suppress the instantly emerging manifestations of aggression, you should ensure proper treatment of your hair in the morning. You need to wash them, dry and style, giving a natural shape to the hairstyle. Strong fixation is not needed: it will be better if the morning wind completes the matter, forming curls in its own way.


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