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Moon in zodiac signs for hair cutting

Cutting your hair on an inappropriate lunar day can lead to serious trouble. When choosing the most favorable day for changing hair length or hairstyle, one should take into account not only the values ​​of the days according to the lunar calendar, but also what sign of the zodiac the moon is in during a given period.

Moon in fire signs of the zodiac

Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

moon phases hair cutWill give the haircut a special meaning. On these lunar days, it will become significant and will help to realize your potential, increase the authority of colleagues and bosses, which will immediately affect your career.

Moon in the sign of Leo

The Moon in Leo is a very favorable time for a haircut. This will significantly improve the appearance of the hair, making it splendid and silky. In addition, any change in appearance on these lunar days will help to radically change the lifestyle and adjust its rhythm.

Moon in the sign of Aries

The moon phase in Aries does not contribute to any manipulation of the hairstyle, the haircut is especially negative, which will significantly weaken the immune system and enable many diseases to take over the body.

Moon in the air signs of the zodiac

Moon in the sign of Aquarius

moon phases hair cutThe phase of the Moon in Aquarius is not the best time for a haircut, as it will entail a break in energy ties with the Cosmos. On the physical level, this will affect the condition of the hair, which will begin to fall out intensively.

Moon in Libra

The Moon phase in Libra will add volume and light hold to your hair. In addition, haircuts have the effect of increasing growth and improving the structure of the hair. They will become thick and lush.

Moon in the sign of Gemini

The moon phase in Gemini is favorable for airy, voluminous hairstyles, after a haircut, hair growth is noticeably accelerated.

Moon in water signs of the zodiac

Moon in the sign of Pisces

Moon in water signs of the zodiacThe Pisces moon phase is not very favorable for both cutting and washing your hair. Any of these actions will cause dandruff.

Moon in the sign of Scorpio

The moon phase in Scorpio is unpredictable. Moreover, this unpredictability can be both positive and negative. If the energy of the lunar day is positive, then such a haircut will attract a special charm in communicating with representatives of the opposite sex.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon phase in Cancer is another period of adverse effects on hair that becomes naughty. After a haircut, it will be extremely difficult to style them, even special means will not give the expected result, and the shape of the hairstyle will be constantly disturbed.

Moon in the earth signs of the zodiac

Moon in the sign of Capricorn

moon phases hair cutThe Moon phase in Capricorn can be the best time for any manipulation of hair and hair length. Each of the changes will only lead to an improvement in the structure of the hair, which after cutting will begin to split at the ends much less. In addition, there is a trend towards strengthening hair these days.

Moon in the sign of Virgo

The Moon phase in Virgo is suitable not only for haircuts and experiments with hairstyle, but also for perm, hair coloring. A very favorable period for strengthening and improving hair.

Moon in Taurus

Moon phase in Taurus is the perfect time to visit a hairdresser. A haircut during this period will accelerate the growth and strengthening of the hair. They will acquire additional resistance to external influences.

By comparing the lunar day according to the calendar and the phase of the moon in the signs of the zodiac, you can choose the time for hair cutting with the maximum benefit for yourself, while avoiding undesirable consequences for physical and mental health.

To calculate a favorable day for a haircut, use our haircut calendar.


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