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30 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut : It is good to have a haircut on the 30th lunar day in order to tune the energy channels for fruitful work in the subsequent lunar phase .

Coloring : do not start coloring, because the result will not please in any case, and will also bring trouble.

What to do with your hair : The hairstyle should be extraordinary to mark the last day of the lunar month . Not every lunar month completes the thirtieth day, so you should fully enjoy the silence and tranquility that accompany it.
30 lunar day - hair cuttingYou will want to show your best feelings, give your love and warmth to the world around you. This day should be spent with close, dear people. In the evening, it is good to light a green candle and drink a glass of red wine. We need to talk about how expensive they are, we can remember those who have already left. Light sadness and a sense of harmony – this is what the thirtieth lunar day should be filled with . You must try to feel your connection with the environment, with space and other people. On other days of the lunar calendarsuch an opportunity will not be presented. Now you need to forgive all the mistakes and offenses inflicted by others, create a clean energy sheet that will begin to fill up the very next day. You should also soberly evaluate your own mistakes and wrong actions, so as not to repeat them in the future.


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