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15 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut: haircut on the 15th lunar day will entail health problems.

Coloring : dark hair color is the best protection against any adversity and disappointment, it is not recommended only for owners of very light natural hair.

What to do with your hair : straighten your hair as much as possible, getting rid of any manifestations of waviness. Straight hair is the best way to attract positive energy flows. The fifteenth day of the moon calendar is very important, because right now the implementation of all the plans, desired for a long time, should take place.
15 lunar day - hair cuttingWords are amazingly transformed into vigorous activity. Also, the day can be dangerous due to the fact that numerous temptations and secret desires break out to the surface, the implementation of which will not bring joy. That is why the hair must remain straight, so as not to catch the flow of such “low-quality” energy. Styling should be as laconic as possible and tune its owner to a wave of rationalism. Then a positive attitude and a favorable course of the day are guaranteed.


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