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1st house in the sign of Gemini

The personality of individuals, their origins and conditions of birth, and later relationships with the outside world, are formed by the 1st house of the horoscope. It rarely coincides with the solar sign, which also symbolizes personal qualities, appearance, ways of positioning oneself in society, complementing this image, and sometimes contradicting it. If the Sun enters the 1st house, this is already an application for leadership and powerful charisma.

1st house in Gemini makes people sociable, daring in language, overly mobile, passionate intellectual, and if Mars is in fire and air signs, they are notorious debaters. Mental energy dominates over other senses. It is important for them that others recognize the dominance of their mind.

Circumstances of birth

People with the first house in Gemini are born easily and quickly. Despite the rapid process, the mother manages without breaks, and the child develops well, unless, of course, there are negative aspects with other planets. Possible complications are warned by the squares of Mercury with Mars – the likelihood of surgical intervention, with Pluto and Neptune – presumably an infection or external adverse circumstances, childbirth during natural disasters or military operations. In any case, you will need to pay more attention to the preparation of the event.

Image in the eyes of others

Natives are inquisitive and curious to the extreme. At a high level of development, these qualities are the eternal engine of their desire to learn and expand the horizons of the world for themselves and their followers.

They are students and teachers at the same time. Having learned or studied something new, they are happy to share with other people. At a low level of awareness, this, alas, is curiosity, which allows its owners to stick their nose into everything they hear and see: gossip, rumors, other people’s quarrels – the mental food of such a mind.

The ruler of the 1st house in Gemini is Mercury. If it is in air signs, the primordial Gemini easily come into contact with any person, get to know each other on the move, talk loudly, actively gesticulate and hate to wait, although they themselves are not distinguished by punctuality.

Under the influence of fiery Mercury, the owners of the 1st house in Gemini flare up at all from a careless word and climb into a verbal fight. Sagittarius stands on the other side of the astrological axis 1-7 of house, which means that the enemies and opponents of such individuals will be ideologically savvy champions of the truth, and the original Gemini are masters of lying and embellishing.

Positive qualities of the sign: lively, sharp mind, sense of humor, sociability, quick learner, talent in the field of literature, commerce, diplomacy (if they can keep secrets), acting and foreign languages. Negative qualities: frivolity, superficial knowledge, irresponsibility, talkativeness, pettiness, quarrelsomeness, the need to gossip and condemn others, write slander and lie for no reason.

Ways of self-expression

People born with the first house in Gemini express themselves through intellectual forms: performance in the theater, on public stands, participation in political disputes, literary and acting competitions.

At work, it is these people who are instructed to prepare a report, hold negotiations and corporate parties, write greeting cards. Developing according to Mercury, it is easier to achieve success in any area.

The second direction is communication. By maintaining connections with different people, they solve both their problems and easily move up the career ladder, using this ability for the benefit of the company.

Holders of the 1st house in Gemini cannot reflect and hang in emotional experiences, but since the 12th house often falls into the sign of Taurus, there is a tendency to long-term depression if they do not get something quickly and easily.

Especially often the owners of retrograde Mercury suffer from this. For creative expression, they need to perform in public more often: sing, dance, play on stage, which perfectly harmonizes the tendency to duplicity and lies.

Style and colors of clothes

Men and women with 1 house in Gemini deliberately emphasize the childishness and even some childishness of their image. The advantage of this position is eternal youth. Even in old age, they look youthful, maintaining a slender figure, which allows them to wear a youth style of clothing: pipe jeans, shirts, sundresses with thin spaghetti straps, caps, especially since they love to communicate with young guys and strive to match not only internally, but and outwardly their style and way of life. All airy colors are suitable for them: light tones of blue, light green, different shades of white: milky, snowy, yellowish, and also light gray.

Elaboration of the 1st house in Gemini

Self-development goes through the deepening of thinking, expansion of views on different spheres of life through the acquisition of new knowledge, meetings with enlightened people. It is necessary to choose high-quality communication, because chaos in this sense leads to a distortion of landmarks.

Owners of the 1st house in Gemini are easily influenced by scammers and criminals, turning onto a crooked path. It is easy for them to deceive someone or pull off a scam, but we must not forget about the 7th house in Sagittarius: the answer will have to be kept before the law, especially if there are aspects between Jupiter and Saturn. It is necessary to abandon lies, laziness, stereotypes and labels regarding people, religion, nationality and the very idea of intellectual superiority.

The profession must be chosen with the possibility of communication and business trips, the presence of complex tasks.

The best sources of energy for the 1st house in Gemini are beryl, emerald, rock crystal, azurite, sultanite.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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