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First House of the horoscope “Point I”

One of the main houses of the horoscope is the first house, also called the first field of the horoscope. It reflects the main characteristics of people, talks about their appearance, style and demeanor.

The Ascendant is also associated with the concept of the first house, that is, an ascending sign in the natal chart. It is this house which will give the most significant descriptions of the native. However, the concept of the first house is broader than the concept of the ascendant, since it may include more than one sign. In addition, the zodiac signs included in the first house may contain planets. Thus, in order to give a complete description of the native’s personality, it is necessary to analyze all the elements of the first house of the subject (the rulers of the signs, the planet and the connections between them).

The First House and its characteristics

The first house of the horoscope is the appearance of a person. People have different heights, weights and builds. Over time, everyone develops their own gait, image and manners. People choose their hairstyles, clothes, shoes, dye their hair in accordance with their inner desires and ideas about beauty. Do not be surprised that some people do not suit or like what others prefer. The set of characteristics of the 1st house is very individual and unique, so it is impossible to meet two exactly the same people.

Signs and planets in the 1st house will show people the best way to express themselves and show others the uniqueness of their personality. That is why it is so important to study all the elements of this horoscope field. Awareness of their natural qualities will contribute to their full and successful manifestation in society.

The 1st house is activated when people are forced to appear in front of strangers for the first time. At this moment, they seem to put on a mask and do everything possible to make the desired impression. For example, if the ascendant of individuals is in Capricorn, then they seem to those around them cautious, businesslike, dryish and rational. If the sign of Gemini affects the 1st house, then such owners of the horoscope look sociable, uninhibited, mobile and inquisitive.

And yet people need to understand that the first house of the horoscope symbolizes only part of our nature. The true essence of people is revealed during long-term communication, and sometimes forever remains a darkness for outsiders. This house is only the expression of people facing the world around. It does not reflect the depths of the soul and true emotions that people experience.

There is also an opinion that the elements of the first house of the horoscope affect the fate of people, because the house itself speaks of the ability to act and be active. However, it must be admitted that people’s lives still consist of many factors in the horoscope. But in some professions, the appearance and image of them is important. Jupiter in the 1st house will create a suitable image for the teacher, Venus in the 1st house will help in modeling and in the arts. The latter can be important for actors, dancers, TV presenters, singers, etc.

House value in compatibility analysis

When analyzing the compatibility between marriage and business partners, important information can be provided by the projection of one person’s planets onto the first house of another person.

So, if the good planets (Sun, Venus, Jupiter) of the partners fall into the 1st house of the subject, then they feel a surge of vitality, creativity and positive energy when they are nearby and communicate with the owners of the planets.

If evil planets fall into the 1st house, then the synastric interaction will most likely be negative. Saturn will designate a controlling and limiting influence, and the energies of the partner’s Mars, although they will make a person more active and enterprising, but still feelings of irritation, competition and rivalry will spoil the relationship of partners.

Lilia Garipova


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