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10th house in the sign of Aries

Most people associate the 10th house with career and fame, believing that by choosing a job on the subject of the sign of this sector, they will easily approach the top of Olympus. This is partly true. However, the sphere of influence of the 10th house is much wider. It is necessary for the holders of the horoscope to follow the star signs in all directions in order to really achieve what they want. Here is shown the image that they want to present to the boss and colleagues as their true self, which may not coincide with the real picture, that is, the position of the Sun. Also, the 10th house symbolizes the image of the dominant parent in the family, the boss, reputation in society and the nature of career mistakes. If it is in Aries, it is easy to assume that all of the above will be associated with a fiery temperament, impulsiveness and straightforwardness, including fatal failures and bright successes.

Dream job

Ten house Aries are incredibly ambitious. They do not imagine themselves without public recognition, but they are not imprisoned for painstaking, systematic work. They want to overtake rivals and immediately pick a laurel wreath.

If they fail to become a leader in their chosen profession with one jerk, they begin to get angry, bully rivals, even briefly fall into despair. The combination of a passionate desire to make a career and a vague idea of ​​how to achieve the goal makes them push rivals, deliberately impose their person, but also bravely declare themselves at various castings, entrance exams, and competitions.

Representatives of Aries in the 10th house choose work associated with risk and danger to life. They do not like to sit in the office and calmly receive a salary. It is much more interesting to serve the interests of the motherland, fighting criminals or engaging in private business. These are police officers, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, firefighters, businessmen, stock brokers, realtors, military surgeons, criminalists, actors. The choice of profession largely depends on the position of Mars. The position in the signs of fire speaks of a desire for danger and irascibility, while caution is stronger in other elements.

The meaning of life and popularity

It is equally important for men and women to be the first in their chosen field of activity. Already at the institute, they strive to stand out from the background of others, but most often not with academic success, but in sports or social activities. Popularity flatters them, but there is no desire to become widely known, rather to defeat rivals and see that they are inferior with respect for their charisma and strength, rather than for talents and merit. Glory must be won through fearlessness and individual activity.

Chief and subordinate

Owners of the 10th house in Aries need to be leaders, as their dream is to be leaders. In the negative version, these are  dictators who require unquestioning obedience to the tactics they have chosen and the instant execution of the assigned tasks. Such individuals do not tolerate slowness and unnecessary questions. On the run, they outlined their desire, and the employees themselves decide how to achieve it. At a high level of consciousness, they educate a team of leaders, direct, but they still won’t babysit, as well as share rough routine duties.

If Aries in the 10th house are subordinates, it is easy to manipulate. For the sake of their ambitions, they will drag chestnuts from the fire with thier bare hands and plow for three. The main thing is to admire and cheer. Prizes and awards will always add enthusiasm, even if the thought creeps into the head of such individuals that their penetrating abilities are simply being used. They do not like to work in a team, but they do an excellent job with tasks where they need to show individual activity and even rudeness.

Parents and military service

The 10th house in traditional astrology denotes the mother, but sometimes it symbolizes the parent who had the greatest influence on the native or made important decisions in the family.

If this is a mother, then she either raises the child alone, or does not stand on ceremony, loading various responsibilities from childhood, and partly realizes her ambitions through children.

The energy of Aries forces such a mother or father to bring up descendants in strict obedience, demanding good academic results, victories in olympiads, sports, and participation in theatrical productions. It is important for them that the children are bright, but if the native has a weak Sun or Mars, such parents will simply crush them with their authority and deprive them of freedom of choice, which causes quiet hatred.

Therefore, if children have the 10th house in Aries, it is important to correctly develop their ambitions and support their hobbies.

Service in the army attracts and excites the imagination of a young man with Aries in the 10th house. He likes the idea of discipline and achieving victories through personal strength and hard training. However, the need to obey and follow orders can be disgusting. Hot temper, aggressiveness and ambition will become an explosive mixture if a rude and despotic commander comes across, therefore it is important to analyze the tense aspects in the 10th house in order to understand how to harmonize possible problems in the army in advance.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

Owners of the 10th house in Aries in choosing a profession and place of work need to listen only to themselves, but also to understand that there is subordination. To rise to the desired position is possible only by restraining impulsiveness, rudeness, the desire to get nasty in response and impatience. They need to cultivate caution and politeness.

The best talisman stone will be the ruby, which develops wisdom, optimism, leads to victories and warns of danger by changing color.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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