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10th house in the sign of Cancer

Our desire to build a career, following our destiny, which is not always directly related to the profession, passes through the tenth house, but it is better to find work in an area that reflects the basic principles of calling. Here you can see a certain prognosis of relations with the mother or an important person for the native, her substitute, boss, colleagues and subordinates. For men in the 10th field of the horoscope, the scenario of being in the army is prescribed.

The 10th house in Cancer makes the native extremely sensitive in matters of career. Difficulties in gaining authority in the team, the sympathies of the authorities are short-lived, and the vulnerability and resentment to critical remarks are so deep that it always seems that it will be better in another place. A strong attachment to the mother and the Motherland gives rise to destructive sacrifice, which makes a person a hero in the eyes of others, but deprives him of happiness.

Dream job

For ten-house Cancers, the most important thing is to be needed by people. Their vocation is to console, heal, energize or nourish others, take care and patronize. That’s when they feel happy. Of course, this can be expressed at different levels, both literally, working as an educator, teacher, cook, healer of traditional medicine, orderly and pharmacist, and figuratively: as a poet, writer, actor.

In the second case, the owners of the 10th house in Cancer energize the audience, give them a sense of beauty, which is also the theme of this sector. If the Meridian of the Midheaven falls into the sign of Leo, perhaps just in the creative sphere they can become famous. The main problem of the owners of the horoscope is indecision. They often change one place of work for another, as they cannot decide where is better. They tend to dream of an ideal place of work, where they can create at their own pace and be one family with the team. It is a special pleasure to cooperate with a relative or to work together side by side. For the sake of such a prospect, they are ready to put up with a small wage. They really need a decisive and confident friend or manager, Leo in the Sun or Ascendant, who will move them towards the goal.

The meaning of life and popularity

Charity is the true calling of the owners of the 10th house in Cancer, but they do not mind if a lot of people know about it. They are inspired by the applause and admiration of others. This is not self-admiration, but rather a public confirmation of the correctness of actions, which heals self-doubt. Some ten-house Cancers will prefer a calm and warm place of work and help with the housework to an old woman neighbor, periodically transferring money to a dog shelter to a stormy social life. But with the MC in Leo, a strong harmonious Moon, with Moon-Neptune aspects, even if it is a quadrature, they will want to develop a personal brand, using status and popularity to draw attention to environmental problems, help sick children and the elderly.

Chief and subordinate

Men and women with the 10th house in Cancer are exactly the kind of pawns who dream of becoming queens, even if they seem to be happy in their own little world, with a small range of duties and a guardian boss. They should remember that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, a social planet that gives them wealth and status, which means they have a lot of ambitions, they just skillfully hide them or are content with little in order to get more later.

For the owners of the 10th house in Cancer, the emotional atmosphere in the team is incredibly important when they go to work like home to the family. Of course, it is inspiring when everyone rejoices at their successes and supports them during difficult times, but how often does this happen? That is why they often change jobs, getting upset when the good nature of the team turns out to be ostentatious. Such individuals are not able to work in a state of stress and frustration: they make mistakes where they could not be, they withdraw into themselves or break good relationships.

The boss with the 10th house in Cancer is a real mother hen: he takes care of his chickens and rejoices in their achievements as his own. There is another side: having fed his employees from scratch, he will never let them go to other companies, he requires complete subordination to the cause and personal goals. With strong aspects with Pluto – a real “godfather”.

Parents and military service

Most likely, the mother of ten-house Cancer is an incredibly caring, protective and emotional person. In a good version, she supports her child in dreams and undertakings, is always ready to feed and comfort. In the presence of complex aspects with the Moon, the mother imposes her vision of life, does not allow her child to independently choose a profession, university, social circle, recommends a life partner according to her taste and mercilessly criticizes the child. However, for career success, the relationship with the mother in any case needs to be worked out: to love her without betraying themselves.

Service in the army is not very suitable for the native. It is better to avoid it by choosing a military department at an institute where he knows everyone. With a good Moon and harmonious Mars and Saturn, it is possible that the place of service will be calm, but with tense aspects, the first option is preferable.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

When the advice of the mother is at variance with intuition, people with the 10th house in the sign of Cancer need to listen to the inner voice and look at the position of the Moon in the horoscope. If it is strong, then mom will help them find their true calling, in the presence of opposition with Mercury and Neptune, it is important to go their own way, and do it confidently. There are many roads open before the ten-house Cancer, the main thing is to be brave, not be afraid of criticism and create a family atmosphere around themselves, without expecting it from others. It is impossible for them to patronize people unnecessarily and demand submission from them for this.

Moonstone will give wisdom and insight to the native (it is important to find a real one, not a fake), sodalite and charoite.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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