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10th house in the sign of Auqarius

Not every person makes the most of the gifts of the 10th house. Not everyone needs a career and fame, but who would refuse to realize their talents and receive public recognition? Moreover, most often the correct activation of this sector also brings the monetization of their abilities. The scenario of relations with the boss, mother, commander in the army will tell us how to build them correctly and not make mistakes in making a career.

The 10th house in Aquarius gives its owners the ability to be friends with the whole world and use useful connections for their own benefit. It would seem that there are many roads in front of them, but the difficulty lies precisely in choosing one. If there is no wise adviser nearby, they lose their way and begin revolutionary activities to destroy other people’s achievements.

Dream job

Men and women with the 10th house in Aquarius need to work with a free schedule and the right to be creative in solving problems. Routine activities are contraindicated: they will get bored, lose interest in life, even with a high salary. They need to reform what has already been created and create new worlds.

An enterprising character encourages a person to take risks, argue and act outside the box, which most often brings unexpected success contrary to logic, unless, of course, Uranus is undefeated.

These are the conductors of new trends in programming, aircraft construction, physics, electrical engineering and automotive mechanics. They are also excellent astrologers, pilots, racers, athletes (where speed and lightning-fast reaction are needed).

Even becoming a teacher in a kindergarten, the native will show originality and create an experimental group for the rapid development of the talents of kids.

Owners of the 10th house in Aquarius often choose a rare profession for their gender, for example, a man is a makeup artist or a manicurist, and a woman is an auto mechanic or a locksmith. The profession can bring success if the desire for freedom is lost there: issuing passports, permits for business activities as a civil servant, traffic police, customs, as well as working as a journalist on radio and television.

The meaning of life and popularity

Owners of the 10th house in Aquarius do not strive for fame, but they attract attention with a non-standard choice of profession, or original behavior at work. No matter how hard they try, they will periodically be on everyone’s lips. Social status is not important to them, the main thing is to create for themselves for pleasure and see the desired results of their activity. If the conjunction of the Sun and Uranus is in the 10th house, fame will find them itself, although it can deafen them if the native chooses a public profession in film and television. Aspects of Uranus will show whether this popularity will be good or bad.

Chief and subordinate

At the level of a mid-level employee, there is a risk of being unpunctual and irresponsible, but if this is offset by original ideas that bring a lot of money to the company, such a person will be cherished. It must be remembered that the solution of any problem occurs in the head of the ten-house Aquarius. This is a huge bank of options and bold fantasies. They gradually add up to the chain of the scenario, which is the new reality, the marketing of the company. The main thing is not to forget to voice them and convey them to the authorities.

The second talent of the native is the ability to make and maintain useful connections, which also contributes to the overall benefit. The owners of the horoscope are able to work for themselves, as a freelancer, which is very appealing to their inner image of a free artist.

As a boss, a man and woman with the 10th house in Aquarius are liberal and benevolent. They designate purpose and provide freedom of action and self-expression. However, there is a risk of sloppiness and violation of deadlines by spoiled employees.

Parents and military service

The mother of the native is a freedom-loving person with a democratic style of raising children. She either pursues her career and the children are left to themselves, or she herself is an opponent of the generally accepted system and raises a native outside of it, for example, at home schooling, in an Internet school.

Perhaps she is a freelancer and they travel the world a lot. In any case, the idea of independence and the dream of an original profession is based on her upbringing and lifestyle. However, discipline is clearly not enough there, unless the mother herself has pronounced Saturn and Mercury in the horoscope.

In the army, it is difficult for a native if he is required to strictly follow the daily routine of his duties. Not all ten-house Aquarians love sports and physical activity, but much depends on the strength of Mars in the horoscope. But the career of a pilot or astronaut, as well as all the overloads and trials associated with these professions, are easy for them.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

Carelessness and frivolity often move the path to a global goal that excites the imagination of the owners of the horoscope, which is already very close to the background. They must not forget that in addition to Uranus, a storehouse of ideas and a conductor of discoveries, the second ruler of Aquarius in the 10th house is Saturn, which requires discipline and systematic implementation of ephemeral fantasies into material reality.

That is, having come up with an amazing thing or a prototype of a community, party, company that will benefit society, one must not forget to actually create them. The calling of Aquarius in the 10th house is the creation of a fundamentally new one or a revolution in the old world, but always for the good.

Talisman stones give a powerful energy impulse and creative energy. An excellent choice would be sultanite, fluorite, fire opals of different shades.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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