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12th house in the sign of Scorpio

The place where all our secrets are hidden, master keys from hidden and unrealized talents that were not used by the ancestors, and even the crimes they committed, must be studied and harmonized for a happy life in harmony with the Universe. It will also be useful to know, based on the zodiac sign in the 12th house, planets and aspects to them, a portrait of secret enemies and symptoms of possible dangerous diseases. Imprisonment and hospitalization are not so fatal predictions if people work out the tense ties in this sector.

The 12th house in Scorpio terrifies many. There are many tests of strength and loyalty to moral principles ahead. Such people tend to deceive and cheat, but at the highest level they are given to see the truth and lies, to distinguish an honest person and friend from an enemy and a swindler at first sight.

Problems and limitations

Of course, the native will always have a lot of temptation to fall to the bottom of life. If there were criminals in the family, then the owners of the 12th house in Scorpio will also have a craving for crime, at least at the level of sympathy for the thieves’ world, films about murders and detective stories.

If this has not happened in the history of the family, then it is easier to correct outbursts of rage and the desire to hurt loved ones at the moment of emotional shock. In general, the world of feelings sometimes causes a state of shock.

Faced with an explosion of other people’s emotions, they feel loneliness, an ice shell that binds their hearts. It is from here that resistance and a passionate desire to stop it come.

Owners of the 12th house in Scorpio cannot be provoked. They believe that others should hold back anger and rage, so they rarely react first. Someone else’s anger works as a catalyst for fatal aggressive actions.

Other problems and nuances of the influence of the 12th house in Scorpio:

  • periods of difficult trials in life, from which people can emerge victorious only by constantly changing for the better;
  • craving for dark forces: black magic, hypnosis, with the aim of manipulating others, using the gift to see the weaknesses of other people to fulfill selfish desires;
  • inability to emotionally adequately respond to what is happening, either suppress emotions, or shamelessly yell and destroy everything around;
  • depression, desire to hurt, boredom to risk life;
  • suspiciousness, suspicion, danger of being affected by cattle and insects;
  • insomnia, nightmares, recurring dreams from the depths of ancestral memory: they can see the events of past lives, which will be the key to working out karma;
  • the ability to anticipate death, therefore, the owners of the 12th house in Scorpio deliberately injure themselves, getting involved in toxic relationships and physically dangerous entertainment in order to accustom the body and soul to pain;
  • burning shame for the suffering caused to someone and the inability to admit guilt prompts to blame others that they themselves provoked the aggression.

It is important for the such individuals to feel right in any situation, so they are inclined to justify any of their actions, as well as the deeds of those who are sympathetic to them, even if they acted immorally. At a low level of development, they are devil’s advocates.

Enemies and diseases

As in any other house, no one can be more dangerous for the owners of Scorpio than themselves. However, they should be wary of other representatives of this sign according to the Sun and the Ascendant, as well as pronounced Aries and the owners of the affected Mars and Pluto. Options: from unpleasant competition to the fight to the death for their interests.

Since the position of the 12th house in Scorpio is considered the most karmically difficult, it is important to make a synastry of relationships with partners in order to make sure that they are harmonious and safe. Although people with such horoscope have excellent intuition, love can cloud their heads, and the Ascendant in Sagittarius makes them careless and frivolous in relation to friends. Enemies here will be insidious and vindictive. They are able to wait many years before striking.

Without elaboration of the house, mental illnesses, depression, and voluntary seclusion occur. With a strong religiosity, the native can go to a monastery, pray for sins.

Great care must be taken in contact with poisonous insects, liquids, drugs of the narcotic spectrum, and also avoid hunting large animals.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Scorpio

To harmonize the house, it is importantfor the owners of 12th house in the sign of Scorpio to study the history of a kind, all the strange and mysterious circumstances of the ancestors of the same sex with them, including their astrological charts, where there will be many answers to the position of the 12th field in Scorpio. For women, this can be read by the Moon, for men by Mars. If there have been many violent acts and tragic incidents, it is important to work through these programs through constellations in order to complete them safely.

The parents of such children will have to love them unconditionally, raising them through the ideals of kindness, nobility and generosity towards relatives. If Mars is in the 12th house, they should definitely go in for sports in order to relieve excessive aggression and neutralize excessive tension. A good example of such a study is Arnold Schwarzenegger. If Neptune is there, such individuals should definitely learn to swim under the guidance of an experienced coach, in no case try alcohol and drugs.

Working through gives a deep understanding of the issues of life and death, the ability to save people by example and practical deed.

Talisman stones for the 12th house in Scorpio will be sapphires of different shades, as well as paired alexandrites of natural origin.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Scorpio:


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