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12th house in the sign of Leo

The house of karma and self-destruction is frightening and alarming, especially if there are complex planets there, but in fact it is the keeper of countless treasures. Here, negative programs of the subconscious are read, which hinder the success and development of the personality, and generic programs that block the path to happiness. Having worked through them, people become free from restrictions and save their descendants from them. Knowing the portrait of enemies and the essence of secret diseases, it is also easier to avoid problems with them.

The 12th house in Leo gives its owners a huge supply of energy and willpower, but most often they find them in captivity or in a collision with difficulties, not even suspecting their leadership qualities. It may be a desire to suffer beautifully for their beliefs, fighting injustice or heroically overcoming the blows of fate. The experience of karma here is in humility and modesty, and not in the deliberate provocation of problems for the sake of the admiration of the crowd.

Problems and limitations

The level of difficulties in life will depend on the position of the Sun in the horoscope. If it is in the 5th house, fire signs and with harmonious aspects, it will be easier for people to express their hidden resources of a leader and guide to the light. These are truly Moses, who find their destiny in difficult conditions of persecution and mortal danger.

The more creative they are, the more actively they are looking for how to go beyond karmic limitations. Most likely, in a past life, men and women with the 12th house in Leo abused power and high position, squandered money, so now their egos are constantly imprisoned in order to develop a spiritual understanding of leadership through the power of kindness, generosity and modesty.

The main thing is not to give up in front of closed doors, especially when it comes to promoting their creativity, but to knock again and again, simultaneously developing talents.

The main problems and nuances of the influence of the 12th house in Leo on fate:

  • noble, generous and honest behavior in stressful situations and the fight against enemies, but in the negative version, the owners of the horoscope are merciful only to those who obey them and obey without disputes;
  • a strong need for fame and self-affirmation, for which they will sacrifice love, family, even health, but sometimes it is a fight against imaginary enemies or deliberately taking fire on oneself – speaking out against the current government in order to suffer for ideals in the dungeons of prison;
  • a vague idea of one’s own significance and self-worth (the Sun is in the power of Neptune), incorrect self-positioning in society;
  • unwillingness to obey the system and rules of general behavior, or vice versa, excessive helpfulness and position on errands with government officials;
  • a strong contradiction between the desire to be a star and the understanding that modest behavior on the Ascendant in Virgo is more acceptable in society;
  • inability to build harmonious relations with the opposite sex, difficulties with raising children, sometimes rejection of marriage and motherhood and fatherhood and going into the revolutionary struggle, or creativity.

Owners of the 12th house in Leo are afraid of love. Passion clouds their heads, they don’t know how to express themselves and what to do with this feeling in general, go too far with imposing themselves and their opinions, or completely surrender to the power of another person.

Enemies and diseases

With a harmonious Sun, the enemies of the owners of the horoscope are generous and merciful, but with a negative aspect they are vindictive and do not forgive if their pride is hurt. For women, this often means the revenge of the rejected high-ranking men, but the representatives of the stronger sex also have a hard time communicating with superiors. Owners of the 12th house in Leo, incredibly gifted, often face the envy of influential people. They need to know in advance that the obstacles to their development will be on the part of the authorities and not to cross the line. Enemies are active, influential and strong among officials, actors and politicians.

There may be problems with the father, especially if the Sun is also in the 12th house or is associated with a tense aspect with him. This is an early loss, separation due to divorce, and the depreciation of achievements on the part of the parent.

It is advisable to be examined in the line of cardiology, hidden problems with the heart, pressure, and metabolic disorders are likely. The habit of perceiving injustice acutely creates dependence on sedatives and alcohol, especially if Neptune is afflicted.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Leo

The most important thing that people with 12th house in the sign of Leo need to realize is that they cannot oppose the current government, which does not mean a ban on free thinking, but they need to express their opinion correctly, not climb on the rampage and be able to make their friends out of influential people, remaining true to the principles of honor and nobility. This is a difficult task that can take a lifetime. An acting gift and the ability to be different, but sincere in opposite social roles will help here.

To gain victory over enemies, such individuals need to eliminate the feeling of self-importance, and egoism and narcissism with their suffering, in principle, work through all their lives.

The weak point of men and women with the 12th house in Leo is family and children. They perceive them as fetters that hold back their fiery revolutionary beginning, therefore, initially they need to make loved ones their comrades-in-arms and share inspiring ideals with them. The theater will be for the native a place where important acquaintances and dreams will come true, or vice versa, the collapse of hopes and plans.

Defenders and sources of energy on this difficult path for the owners of the 12th house in Leo will be talisman stones: citrine, yellow garnet, topaz, diamonds and zircons.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Leo:


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