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3rd house in Gemini. Connections are everything

The third house will show whether problems are threatening while driving a car, from an insidious relative, and also in what conditions the school will be trained. This is useful for parents to know in order to harmonize the learning environment of their children. But even for an adult, the sign of the 3rd sector of the horoscope will give important knowledge about the ways of information interaction with the outside world. For the lucky ones under the auspices of Gemini, the state of communication and learning is a pleasure, as natural as breathing. They cannot stand being alone. They are never bored: there are so many interesting things in the world. However, at a low level of development, there is a risk of getting bogged down in gossip, intrigue, suffering from your sharp tongue and inattention when driving a car. The peculiarity of the position of the house is that, even when struck by aspects, it does not interfere with the ease of processing information and making useful contacts.

Relationships at school and with relatives

The native does not remember information for centuries as a Taurus ward, but he ideally captures it for that short period when it is needed. These people can memorize all the tickets a couple of days before the exam, and then safely throw it out of their heads, having received an “excellent”. They selflessly chat in class or lecture, but they will easily repeat what the teacher said if asked. Unique ability to work simultaneously with different information streams.

At the same time, the owners of the 3rd house in Gemini are flexible and sociable, they quickly join the team, say what they want to hear from them and find a common language with teachers and classmates. They are friends as well as learn: superficially. They are friendly with everyone, but they may not have close comrades.

Gemini in the 3rd house is also an indicator of moving: changing schools and classes. Negative aspects from Neptune become the cause of intrigue and gossip, because of which you have to leave the familiar environment.

Mars is especially dangerous, striking Mercury, as it symbolizes fights and trauma due to verbal incontinence, and not only at school, but also in relations with neighbors and relatives. There are common behavioral and mental traits in men and women:

  • fussiness, anxiety about the future, inability to concentrate on one issue for a long time, the desire to solve everything, at once and quickly;
  • good relations with neighbors, friends, relatives, and as a result – connections help in getting what you want;
  • ease to rise, constantly on trips, business trips, guests;
  • instability of social ethics, for the sake of profit they are able to convince themselves that it is possible to violate personal space or the law;
  • lack of emotional empathy, rational assessment of the events and behavior of other people, therefore, they unwittingly offend others;
  • a huge range of interests, curiosity, “tongue without bones”, easily support any conversation, but they are also distracted from really important things by trifles;
  • the desire to live as one big family with relatives, neighbors and arrange parties for friends.

Most often, a native has younger brothers and sisters, whom he takes care of all his life. If they are not there, he will find someone to patronize and protect at school, and later at work. Thus, self-affirmation and closure of the need for a sense of intellectual superiority occurs.

Car driving and paperwork

Third-house Gemini love fast driving in any form of transport. They cannot walk slowly, they are in a hurry all the time, and of course they get into accidents, although if you stop talking on the phone and focus on the road, there will be no more problems than any other sign. The prestige of the car is important to them only from the point of view of maneuverability, and not external beauty and status.

A used car with a powerful engine will delight you more than a beautiful one, but without excessive equipment. In addition, the owners of 3 houses in Gemini are not inclined to get attached to things, they like to change them, so they often buy motorcycles, bicycles, phones and computers from their hands.

The habit of rushing even for no reason prompts them to run across the street in the wrong place, crash into another car, looking at an emotional quarrel on the street, and also buy low-quality equipment, for example, a smartphone that does not have a camera or microphone.

For the same reason, delays with documents are possible, because they rush to fill them in as quickly as possible, make typos or distortion of facts, albeit unintentionally, but this results in a delay in business and loss of finances.

Working out 3 houses in Gemini

A native needs to learn calmness, deliberately slow himself down at a crucial moment, for example, when filling out a questionnaire when submitting documents or driving. Concentrating on small details and facts, rules and principles will save you a lot of problems.

The easiest way is given to the owners of the Sun and the Ascendant in Virgo, much more difficult if there are Gemini, Pisces, Aquarius. If Neptune is in the 3rd house, then it is better to give up self-driving a car and use a taxi or the services of a driver. Absent-mindedness in this situation will be fatal.

For a detailed study, you need to take into account the negative aspects of the house. If this is the Moon, because of the mother, relations with relatives, teachers, classmates may deteriorate. Saturn will reduce the ability to communicate and make useful connections, conflicts with older teachers may arise. The main thing for a native is to observe the moral code, be careful and use information for good, not harm.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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