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3rd house in Aries. Mental warrior

Energetically, the 3rd house is supported by the element of Air. He shows the ability to study, communicate, maintain useful and friendly relationships, attentiveness to the signs of fate and the ability to adapt to change. Any difficulties in assimilating information and communicating with brothers, sisters, neighbors, colleagues can be removed through the harmonization of the 3 sectors of the horoscope.

The Aries cusp symbolizes communication through conflicts and aggressiveness, but not directly, but using others to broadcast these qualities. In his studies and communication, he needs a taste of the competition. Without this, he misses and begins to take out anger at others. The main rivals will be brothers and sisters, to establish relations with whom it will turn out only in the 2nd half of life.

Communication and character in the 3rd house in Aries

At school, the native proves himself to be a bully and a violator of generally accepted rules. At the same time, a sharp mind and creativity can make him the pride of an educational institution. But in a tedious, strict atmosphere, the second home Aries is cramped and bored, so he seeks to break the bars of the cage. It is important for him to participate in sports and intellectual competitions, olympiads, reading contests.

The desire to win will determine his position in society and in adulthood. Defeat perceives painfully due to deep self-doubt. It seems to him that his brother and sister are loved more, and classmates are appreciated more. At a low level of development, a person divides the world into black and white, and people into bad and good. With some he is nice and kind, the second he does not notice or destroys, depending on the position of Mars.

If the red planet is affected, then starting from school, the owner of the horoscope constantly fights, conflicts and gets into trouble, suffers from injuries. Any emotional outburst of anger and anger attracts a destructive event. In adulthood, accidents while driving. Therefore, it is important to know all the nuances of the influence of the 2nd house in Aries:

  • practicality, purposefulness, assertiveness, the ability to respond to rudeness quickly and nip impudence in the bud;
  • poor memory, subtle intuition, rude manners and animal magnetism;
  • the desire to prove their uniqueness and the ability to find new solutions to long-standing problems;
  • irascibility and aggressiveness when faced with lies and duplicity, a desire to prove the truth with fists;
  • impulsive rash actions, it is difficult to keep secrets, can blurt out under the influence of emotions;
  • inability to study without enthusiasm and sincere interest in the subject;
  • desire to test new knowledge in practice;
  • fervor and inattention when driving and crossing the road;
  • painful rejection of criticism, they immediately write down as enemies those who advise them to change or correct what they have done.

At a high level of development, the native is interesting in communication and commands respect, since he is honest, principled and incorruptible. Bright oratory and leadership skills are the key to success in communication and career.

Relationships with close people

If there are older brothers and sisters, they are likely to be rude, determined and ambitious. In childhood, the owner of a horoscope feels like a secondary role and therefore seeks to prove leadership at any cost. If he is the first or only child in the family, he will zealously prove superiority in any team, or in relations with neighbors and classmates, wishing to assert primacy in the foreseeable territory. He is rarely interested in global fame. It is important to be a leader among familiar people.

Men and women with a 3rd house in Aries love to push competitors with their foreheads, showing remarkable cunning. The best way to eliminate rivals is to quarrel between them. This quality is especially pronounced with the Ascendant in Gemini, Scorpio, Leo, or the presence of Lilith in the 3rd house. Thus, the path to the top remains open, and no one will suspect the native of envy. But if someone does the same in relation to him, the anger of Aries will be obvious to everyone. With a harmonious Mars and the third sector as a whole, relatives are support and support, but it is better to study with brothers and sisters in different schools.

Working out the 3rd house in Aries

The native loves to recklessly on the road and ride at high speeds, even on a bicycle. It ends badly when Mars is hit . The danger comes both from the intemperance and impulsiveness of the person himself, and from young, brutal men.

With a negatively aspected Mars, one should not get into the car with a driver of rude appearance and behavior who likes to swear or is aggressive, even if he scolds his boss or the policy of the state as a whole. You also need to stay away from these types of men on public transport and on dark streets. The native likes it, but it can also cause trouble.

When Mars is affected, curses are perceived by others inadequately, they become a clue to create a traumatic conflict. Excess aggression in the 3rd house in Aries should be dumped in sports, public speaking on stage, and any physical activity will be beneficial.

Particular attention will be required in the handling of documents that often suffer from fire or unintentional sabotage. For example, children can accidentally break them or set them on fire. Observing caution in transport, politely communicating with people and carefully handling securities, the native harmonizes the ruler of the 3rd house and the situation as a whole.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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