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4th house in Pisces. Ship at anchor

The fourth house shows the foundations of the personality. Not only where did they come from, what heredity, innate talents and vices, but the very atmosphere and demeanor at home, when you can do whatever you want without fear of public opinion. The Ascendant’s mask flies off, and the native appears in its true guise, which was influenced by childhood, communication with the mother, whose person also appears through the sign on the cusp of the 4th sector , and the planets located here.

Pisces is the most complex and controversial sign. Most often, the home of the owner of the horoscope stands by the water, the mother is a subtle creative nature, loving children with all her soul and striving to develop them spiritually. But with the defeat of the Moon, Neptune and many tense aspects, dependencies, phobias, inability to conduct life are found in her, and the native’s home is always damp and running water.

Childhood and communication with parents

The 4th house is not only angular, but also karmic, so the personality of the mother largely depends on the level of spirituality and awareness of the clan. At a low level, she is a victim, soft, compliant, unable to withstand the trials of fate or an authoritarian husband. Alcohol and the manipulation of guilt, the use of others for their own purposes and the eternal dissatisfaction with what she has, including children, are not excluded.

If the previous generations were cultured, educated and brought descendants to the upper floor of the sign, the native’s mother is a creative, musical nature, she dances beautifully, draws, plays on stage, professionally or as a hobby. She is well versed in chemistry and pharmaceuticals, cooks wonderfully, and most importantly, loves her children with unconditional love. They can always count on her support and participation.

At the middle level, a mixed version of the personality is more common, when talents and intuition coexist with deceit, non-obligation, and infantilism. Only having matured, the native understands that mother was only pretending to be a victim or was not at all a saint. The influence of the 4th house in Pisces is always multifaceted and manifested in different ways and contradictory:

  • an occult gift, inherited, helping to survive in a difficult situation, be it foresight or telepathy;
  • the presence of criminals, sorcerers, healers in the family, moreover, they may not know about many of the native, but there is certainly some dark secret that affects the development of events in the present;
  • the mother and the owner of the horoscope jointly suffer from a person in a family with alcohol or drug addiction: the father, grandmother, sometimes the parent herself, become a nightmare and a problem for the native’s reputation;
  • innate musicality, talent of a composer, singer, poet, dancer, photographer, psychologist, doctor;
  • parents help those in trouble, take homeless animals and beggars into their homes, donate to charity;
  • an atmosphere of fanatical religiosity with the opposition of Neptune and an enthusiastic confidence in divine help, if he is harmonious;
  • frequent guests in the house, but unlike the intellectual parties of Gemini and Aquarius, they come here for warmth and consolation.

In a good scenario, all family members sing, arrange musical evenings with live accompaniment. The central place in the apartment is occupied by a grand piano or guitar, as well as antique icons. In a bad version, it is dubious neighbors who abuse alcohol.

Residence, problem solving, old age

Intuitively, the owners of 4 houses in Pisces prefer housing near a river, a lake or, in extreme cases, an indoor pool in a sports complex. The best option is a house by the sea, with the opportunity to walk along the embankments.

Near the place of residence, you can always find a mosque or church, as well as pharmacies, chemical plants and laboratories, psychological support centers. By the objects nearby, it is easy to determine the karmic level of a person: a theater or music school speaks of passing the upper floor of the 4th house, drinking establishments and a casino – the lower one.

When solving complex issues, one must appeal to divine justice, affecting the emotional side of higher officials responsible for issuing important documents.

The 4th house in Pisces usually gives a long and fruitful life. If the native uses the creative and energetic resources of Neptune correctly, then he becomes a connoisseur of human souls. People come to him for advice, healing, to touch the highest wisdom. Even at a low level of development, suffering from alcoholism, he attracts those who are thirsty for consolation with a word.

Working out the 4th house in Pisces

The Neptunian manifestations of the 4 sectors are multifaceted, but the line of elaboration is quite specific. It is necessary to stop idealizing or demonizing mom, accepting her for who she is. To do this, it is quite possible that you will have to visit a psychologist more than once, identifying and healing injuries of childhood or deviations of the mother, if there is excessive sacrifice and emotional dependence.

You should avoid alcoholic beverages, antidepressants and communication with people suffering from alcoholism, especially if someone close to you had a similar problem. It’s all too easy to get hooked on the need to save a loved one from the green serpent. The result of this is sad.

Neptune perfectly harmonizes music and dance classes. You can train at home and share your creativity with guests on holidays. You cannot invite people with whom there is no spiritual closeness and mutual understanding.

In the apartment, water pipes may suddenly burst or neighbors from above arrange a flood. The ideal option for a harmonious life would be a floating house on the water.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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