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8th house in the sign of Taurus

The house of crises, transformation, big money, loans and management of other people’s funds is considered one of the most mysterious and mystical in the natal chart, since it is associated with death, or with a symbolic transition from one state to another. This often happens through turmoil, illness, living catastrophes and wars. Naturally, they cause fear in people, but they do not need to be afraid, but try to live by the highest values ​​of this sector in order to elaborate it.

The 8th house in Taurus makes its owners natural born financial tycoons. They know how to find sources of wealth where others pass by. Sometimes it seems that money is flying to them like bees to honey, and most importantly, partners easily transfer the right to manage their funds. However, any crises and problems become a serious shock for these individuals who love stability.

Crises and sources of danger

Eight house Taurus hate change. They knock the ground out from under their feet, introduce others into a state of stress, when it is easy to make a mistake and stop listening to the inner voice. Since the obsession with money is pronounced here, any changes in the financial market and their own wallet are perceived by them painfully, even if they need to reissue a bank card or find out where the funds from the account were transferred by mistake.

Such things spoil the mood so much that relationships with others and health suffer. And yet, the 8th house in Taurus usually does not pose a great danger. Problems arise when Venus is affected or many negative aspects to the planets inside the sign:

  • problems with money: there will always be sources of well-being, but access to them may be blocked or it may be difficult to receive the payments required by law, for which the owners of the 8th house in Taurus will have to go through many instances, sue, prove their case;
  • danger from external attractiveness (at the same time, such individuals are not necessarily fabulously beautiful, the main thing is that enemies consider them as such): envy, competition, revenge of a rejected lover, jealousy of a husband;
  • loss of physical health due to unsuccessful plastic surgeries, cosmetic procedures, beauty injections;
  • the likelihood of falling under a collapse of the earth, stones, an avalanche of snow or getting frostbite;
  • overeating, laziness, apathy, excessive spending on luxury things, immersion in negative experiences, depression.

All these events are stretched out in time and never appear instantly. Even falling under an avalanche is preceded by certain signs of fate. Procrastination negatively affects health. Prolonged ignorance of symptoms leads to missing the time when healing is possible.

Money and passion

Any crises in the 8th house lead to transformation and are given for the development and rethinking of one’s role in the world. Eight house Taurus live one or three of these states, but the more harmonious their map, for example, filled with trines, the more acutely the stress caused by financial difficulties is perceived. A person with squares in the natal chart is already used to facing difficult times and simply starts over. Having invested in a business and lost a third of the investment, the eight-house Taurus tear their hair out and consider themselves losers, eating the crisis with junk food or falling into a long depression.

However, the karmically eight-house Taurus is gifted with an excellent flair for money. In fact, they can easily play with financial flows, go bankrupt, start over, and if they wish, they will always provide themselves with a piece of bread with caviar. The main thing is not to fall into apathy.

Sex for eight-house Taurus is a feast of pleasure. They are not in a hurry, tireless and diligent, although sometimes their appetites tire their partners. Love is as important to them as money. They invest a lot in their loved ones, they are ready to arrange pleasant surprises and romantic evenings, but they must not forget that the struck Venus threatens dangerous situations from young beautiful girls. They can pretend to be in love for selfish purposes, and in the female chart this means rivals and opponents.

Elaboration of the 8th house in Taurus

A strong Venus will give the owners of the horoscope vivid experiences associated with marriage, finding their own home, starting a business, divorce and moving. These will be upheavals that will bring positive change. The main task is not to resist crisis situations, but to meet them halfway, taking confident steps towards harmonization.

The main problem of eight-house Taurus is slowness. Because of it, they miss favorable investment opportunities, time to treat serious diseases, and future partners choose other allies, tired of waiting for the final decision of the native.

At the same time, after the strengthening of Venus, strength and perseverance appear to achieve financial goals, pay off a long-term loan, and save up for the purchase of expensive real estate. To do this, they need to give themselves the right to enjoy material wealth, but without squandering, but by competently planning their expenses, being an example of financial well-being for other people.

Diamonds and zircons in white and yellow gold will become a talisman-amulet against bankruptcy and serious diseases for the owners of the 8th house in Taurus.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 8th House in Taurus:


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