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Zircon – the magical and healing properties of the stone

ZirconZircon attracts the attention of many gem lovers due to its noble luster, durability, high transparency and color variety. The name of the stone is translated from Persian as “golden color” and, I must say, it very accurately reflects the natural qualities and magical properties inherent in the stone .

In antiquity, legends were made about zircon, in the Middle Ages, they admired its beauty and attached great importance to its unique miraculous properties.

Today, stones of golden brown, reddish and yellow-green colors are mined in Africa and Asia. Zircon deposits are also found in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Russia. Jewelers work wonders by firing sky blue and blue stones. White zircons, which are the least common, are of particular value. Many believe that the delightful zircon stone is comparable in beauty to diamond and ruby.


The magical properties of the stone

The stone became famous in antiquity for its magical properties. Ancestors made talismans , amulets and amulets from it , and many of their secrets have survived to this day.

Zircon enhances stability, courage and grants invincibility to people. Holders of zircon are ready to proclaim humane and innovative ideas to society and lead people. The stone helps a person to act, who is capable of deliberate actions, is used to being responsible and has an established outlook on life.

Zircon increases the craving for spiritual development and the improvement of one’s nature. It awakens love for God and the whole world, helps to find a sense of oneness with the universe and allows you to understand every person you meet on the way.

Thanks to this stone, subtle channels of perception of spiritual energies are opened; a person sees the signs of fate and gets the opportunity to comprehend esotericism and secret sciences: astrology, numerology, palmistry, etc.

Blue stones give their owners wisdom and insight. It is impossible to hide anything from them. For such people, there are no secrets and mysteries, they cannot be deceived.

Zircon gives female representatives attractiveness, dignity and charm. It helps to find happiness in love, find a common language with the person you like and create harmony in union.


Healing (medicinal) properties of the stone

The range of medicinal action of zircon is very wide, and this is primarily due to the rich palette of shades of this stone.

Zircons of any color help to strengthen immunity, get rid of colds and heart failure.

The stones of blue and green color help with mental illness and nervous disorders. They calm a person, inspire faith in a favorable development of events, relieve anxiety and unnecessary fuss.

Blue and green zircon improves vision, cures lung diseases, and alleviates allergies.

Red stones increase vitality and energy, help to maintain youth.

Zircon helps to get rid of fears, internal discontent and aggression, which allows you to bring blood pressure back to normal.


Which zodiac signs are suitable?

Traditionally, it is believed that zircon is most suitable for people who have a pronounced solar principle in the natal chart . The stone emphasizes the energy, strong-willed qualities, spirituality and generosity of the representatives of the zodiac signs Leo , Sagittarius and Aries .

If the Sun in the horoscope is weakened (as is the case with Libra and Aquarius ), then wearing zircon jewelry will enhance the fiery element in the horoscope. The stone will charge its owner with positive energy, eliminate self-doubt and increase self-esteem.

Zircon is able to improve the affairs of that field of the horoscope, which is affected by the weakened Sun. Depending on the position of the luminary, thanks to the zircon amulet, things related to family, partnership, career or health can improve.

When choosing zircon as a talisman or amulet, it does not hurt to consult a professional astrologer. If the Sun in the horoscope is severely affected or is an element of evil houses – the 6th, 8th and 9th, then you should refuse to wear the stone, because it can damage your health.

Sky-blue zircon is suitable for the air signs of the zodiac. The stone will increase curiosity, sociability and improve intellectual abilities. Representatives of the signs of the earth element should avoid transparent stones, and dark shades of zircon will be the best solution for them. The influence of light stones of yellowish and greenish shades will be appreciated by water signs. Zircon will strengthen their intuition and allow them to develop extrasensory abilities.  

Thus, zircon jewelry is able to provide their owners with more than just one aesthetic pleasure. They will help to reveal the identity of each person’s personality, show the whole world his dignity, direct him towards spiritual development and successful implementation in society.

Garipova Lilia Ramilevna


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