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Chiron square Mercury. An antidote for pride

The square creates an irresistible tension between the planets. For weak personalities, it results in high conflict and claims to the world in the affairs of houses and signs, where the participants of the aspect stand, and for those who are strong in spirit, it becomes a resource that pushes them to prosperity. The owners of the aspect experience an irresistible desire to succeed exactly where the quadrature blocks the qualities of character or talents necessary for this. But if some grieve and get angry, others systematically develop them.

Square Chiron – Mercury speaks of strong and abruptly emerging obstacles in the field of communication, receiving and working with information, business trips, study and any communication with the world. At the same time, a person really wants the world to recognize his mind, erudition and oratorical abilities, but when he finds himself in the center of attention in a company or during public speaking, he gets lost and withdraws into himself.

Dangers of the square Mercury – Chiron

It is very difficult to communicate with the native, but he cannot stand loneliness and literally imposes himself on others. There is either a lot of it, or it is not visible at all, if, for example, Mercury is in a mine, retrograde, in the signs of earth or water.

The owners of the planet of communications in the signs of fire and air annoy others with verbiage, idle talk, draining absolutely unnecessary information. They love to teach, because Chiron was originally a teacher of the great heroes of antiquity, but with a square with Mercury, in no case should you go into pedagogy. The native is overflowing with thought, cannot clearly present the material, give the students a system of orientation in the material. Foreign languages are difficult for him, but if one of the planets is in the 9th house, and Saturn is strong, there is a chance to succeed through cramming and hard study.

The main problems of the square Mercury – Chiron:

  • difficulties, failures, delays and losses associated with documents and the execution of any papers, especially if Chiron is in the 3rd house: the likelihood of having to duplicate documents is high;
  • complaints and anonymous denunciations against the native;
  • constant quarrels with friends, junior employees, envy of more successful people, and if one of the participants in the aspects is in a fire sign – swearing from a half-word in public transport, queues;
  • conflicts with neighbors up to assault;
  • fractures of hands and fingers in a state of anger and anger towards people;
  • dwelling on bad-level action films, social networks, yellow press, discussing gossip over the phone, especially if Chiron is in Gemini, and even more so when there is Lilith with a square or opposition to Mercury.

With a disharmonious Moon, the aspect gives a rough and loud voice, a kind of “tinned throat”, but it is not at all necessary that all negative signs will come true at the same time. It all depends on the level of spirituality and understanding of the tasks of Chiron.

Mercury square Chiron in relationships

The owners of the horoscope early understand their uniqueness and originality of thinking, but are unable to direct them in a positive direction. They attract attention with odious antics, caustic, sarcastic jokes, and the more vulnerable they are on the Moon and Venus, the more aggressively they show tension on the Mercury-Chiron square.

If they like a person, they literally attack him with jokes, ridicule, hiding their sympathy or expecting that he will gladly join in their usual exchange of “courtesies”. In most cases, this does not happen, and they are perplexed why the object of passion avoids them like fire. Only the owner of the same aspect can accept such a perverted format of relations with mutual abuse.

The native does not get along well with younger siblings, but basically, if the square affects the 3rd house, in other cases everything is solved.

It is better for men with a Mercury-Chiron square to marry a woman a little older than themselves, and girls should not choose men of the age of their younger brother, especially if they form squares and oppositions between Mars and Venus in the synastry. In such a marriage there will be constant picks, quarrels, teachings and depreciation of each other.

Study of the square Mercury – Chiron

The aspect is given to a person to use sarcasm and a loud voice as an antidote to someone else’s conceit and pride. It is important not to fall into such temptations yourself, because a weakened Mercury always seeks to assert itself at the expense of others. The karmic task is to learn to get along with brothers and sisters, to help them cope with their physical and psychological shortcomings. If the native becomes the boss, the same will have to be done with regard to young colleagues.

Chiron’s wound here is represented by pain from resentment and misunderstanding on the part of younger relatives or unpleasant experiences from the position of a brother and sister. In the case when the native is the only child in the family, his cousins or friends, younger in age, act as teachers. That is why marriage should only be entered into with a partner who is at least a little, but older.

The key to healing is to have the courage to talk about your pain, not to blame others, but to let go. The native needs to learn to separate really important and useful information from gossip and idle talk, to structure his knowledge and not to mix business and entertainment.

The best talisman will be citrine , chrysocolla, zoisite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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