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Pluto Conjunction Lilith: Power as Violence

When Lilith merges with the planet into one whole, she does not give her energy, but feeds like a vampire on the negative manifestations of another aspect participant. For the sake of this, the Black Moon literally puts pressure on his base instincts and turns on unmanifested generic programs that sleep peacefully for the time being in the native’s subconscious.

In addition, that Lilith, that Pluto are indicators of dark karma and many sins in the family, associated with excess of authority on the topic of the house and the sign where the connection is. Retrograde Pluto means that now the native can face the boomerang of past events and experience the influence of someone else’s power, the direct one under the influence of Lilith will encourage him to dominate and rule again, because this deep instinct is difficult to resist.

Features of the influence of the connection Pluto – Lilith

A similar aspect is considered a sign of a black magician, but the owner of the horoscope may not know the subtleties of esotericism at all, and moreover, sometimes he is skeptical of witchcraft, which does not negate the fact of a huge amount of negatively charged energy in a person.

It doesn’t cost him anything to jinx it with a word that hastily escaped from his lips and even a compliment, if in his heart he envies the addressee. Sweet and caring in appearance, he can hate with passion those who are easy to succeed, and his praise easily turns into a curse.

If you offend the owner of the direct Pluto-Lilith connection, then the boomerang will not keep you waiting, although the person himself may not even be aware of such an effect and not apply any magical actions.

Over time, he notices strange things around and even warns offenders of the consequences out of the best of intentions, or, for example, if the Moon and Venus are in Pisces or Cancer, he begins to think that he himself is cursed and feels a strong sense of guilt.

Most likely there were strong sorcerers or representatives of the authorities in the family. It is from them that strong protection comes, implicated in the energy of dark forces.

Depending on the strength of Pluto and Lilith, the native has the following traits:

  • an irresistible desire to get what you want, to get what you want even if the whole world is against it;
  • rigidity, intransigence and even violence in communication with loved ones;
  • unwillingness to obey parents, and later superiors, pride, arrogance, rude defiant behavior in order to discredit those who are trying to rise above him;
  • strong interest in esotericism, NLP, psychology of manipulation, hypnosis, conspiracies;
  • sexual perversions (at a low level of development);
  • the desire to hurt (bite, pinch, hit) those who like it a lot, in a state of emotional upsurge.

If Pluto is retrograde, then all of the above, these traits are hidden. It can be said about a person that there are devils in a still pool. However, at the same time, he can also be easily jinxed, he is often bewitched, he has many enemies. These are the echoes of the sins of a past life, both of the native himself and of his ancestors, which must be worked out in this life. Enemies here are most often just from previous incarnations. On the surface, it seems that this is unreasonable aggression and antipathy, but the reason is much deeper. If the native solves problems with them in a good way, then he will cleanse the karma of the clan.

The positive influence of Pluto-Lilith conjunction

The aspect gives the native incredible survivability in difficult conditions. On the one hand, he draws the ward into mass disasters and unrest, but gives him a powerful resource for displaying courage, strength, personal power in order to save not only himself, but also a large number of people. However, if the connection is in the 8th house, it is better not to participate in mass events and not to travel to regions where an avalanche or tsunami is possible.

Positive features of the aspect:

  • a special body, a rare eye and hair color, or just a memorable appearance, especially if Pluto-Lilith conjunction in the 1st house, which always distinguishes the native from the crowd;
  • psychic abilities, the ability to become a leader in times of crisis and generally influence the crowd as a speaker or artist;
  • rebirth through stress: after stressful periods, a person consolidates strength and takes off;
  • the ability to understand the mentality of criminals and accordingly prevent destructive events in the role of an investigator or detective;
  • masterly handling of sharp objects for a good purpose: hairdressers, surgeons, fashion designers.

The native has a calm attitude towards death, he can work as a pathologist or earn money in a funeral home without unnecessary prejudices.

How to Harmonize Lilith-Pluto Conjunction

It is important to monitor the emergence of the need to hurt and destroy something and then consciously stop yourself. If there are enemies and persecutors in life, it is possible to untie the knot of karma only through forgiveness, returning good for evil, because this is the expiation of past sins.

You can not participate in massive destructive actions, for example, be a mercenary in a war or a developer of atomic weapons. This can bring good money, but it affects karma destructively. If there is a desire to choose a risky profession, then it is better to be an employee of a nuclear power plant, monitor its work and prevent disaster, as well as a rescuer and a military doctor.

The Lilith-Pluto connection works great when doing business, especially one where millions are involved, or an unusual financial direction, such as cryptocurrency.

The main thing is to eradicate within yourself greed, a tendency to violence and envy, as the main triggers of the Black Moon.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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