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Square Mars – Lilith: aggression is the mother of order

The tension created by the evil red planet and the Black Moon is hard to ignore. This is a blinding wave of aggression that rises in a person, completely drowning out the voice of reason, or a terrible sense of shame of “good girls and boys” who have not been taught how to get rid of these emotions in an ecological way. Only feelings will not go anywhere from the fact that they are suppressed.

Such people are feared because of their subconscious propensity for violence. However, the square does not operate constantly, but only in certain circumstances. The native may be peaceful and calm, but one trigger will turn him into a criminal or a hero, because the aspect also gives reckless courage, turning off the instinct of self-preservation.

Dangers of the square Mars – Lilith

The life of a native is rarely calm. Of course, if Mars is harmonious and there are many trines in the chart, then pictures of violence appear only in the imagination of the native. For example, Lilith in Pisces often merges aggression, imagining how to shred enemies to shreds, but Mars in Sagittarius supports the ideas of nobility and non-harm to the physical body, therefore, in order to bring such a person to a serious fight, one must try very hard.

Square Mars – Lilith hits hard on deep self-esteem, on the ego itself, which is already laid down, and not formed by an assessment from the outside. The native constantly has a need to prove his strength, significance and right to something important for him, even if no one competes with him. If competitors attack, a person simply loses his head and, depending on the position of Mars, attacks right and left with impulsive actions and deeds, or suffers from auto-aggression when the red planet is in Pisces, Libra, Taurus or Virgo. It is very difficult to seem good when the desire to destroy opponents is torn from the inside, and it is incredibly difficult to cope with this.

It is impossible to unambiguously write down all the owners of the Mars-Lilith square as criminals, but among them there are indeed maniacs who are not able to suppress the surges of aggression or prudently planning evil deeds. However, this requires additional aspects with Pluto and personal planets. Most people with this aspect:

  • subject to frequent mood swings under the influence of circumstances and at the moments of the return of karmic knots and Lilith;
  • suffer from surges of anger, aggression, when something happens that does not coincide with their picture of the world on the topics of the houses where the Black Moon and Mars stand;
  • they get sick when emotions are suppressed, and over time they acquire chronic diseases of the heart, kidneys, gallbladder, liver;
  • have increased libido, aggressive in the absence of sex;
  • tend to make hasty decisions under the influence of the first impulses of desire or anger.

Sometimes such people experience a terrible feeling of helplessness and dependence on others, although this is purely their fantasy. But it is these emotions that make them quit, get divorced and move to other cities without serious reasons.

Mars square – Lilith and relationships

The owners of the horoscope immediately attract attention. They feel the energy of passion and some kind of animal attractiveness, but here lies the main catch. The aspect also provokes strong aggression from the opposite sex.

Women are especially affected by this. Most of the girls with the Lilith-Mars square talked about harassment attempts, harassment, meetings with exhibitionists in dark parks. Far from always, this ended in rape, which requires a combination of many factors, including the defeat of Mars by Pluto, but nevertheless, with this aspect, it is necessary to be careful and not provoke inadequate men with revealing clothes, visiting haunted places with a bad reputation, and not returning home late at night alone.

In addition, a woman with a square of Mars – Lilith herself is able to bring nit-picking, quarrels, provocation of jealousy and insults to the calmest partner, who, with a different behavior, would not hit anyone.

With the position of Lilith in Aries, Pisces, Cancer, there is a habit of subconsciously attracting specific abusers.

Men with a Mars-Lilith square experience internal aggression towards a woman because of her nature. They may speak with contempt of beautiful, sexy ladies, they are annoyed by mini-skirts and bright makeup. They divide all the girls into desirable ones, but with whom they just have rough sex, and worthy ones, who are not physically attracted. Hence the strong irritation and internal conflict, the need to subdue and disarm. Such husbands are potential dictators.

How to work out the square Mars – Lilith

The owners of the aspect must avoid four states: anger, hunger, fear and unsatisfied physical desire. This is important to know for those who are in a relationship with such a person.

It is these triggers that include both internal aggression and attract rapists and just angry people. The increased adrenaline works like a gun trigger. Not only dogs can pounce on the native, but they will also be rude in line or rudely refuse an important request.

It has a very destructive effect on the development of events and internal guilt, also includes the release of adrenaline.

The owners of Mars – Lilith need sports with a fairly strong load and speed of action: boxing, tennis, basketball, hockey, football, everything that will help relieve stress. Latin American and Oriental dances are perfect. It is important to recognize your wild nature and to show it within the boundaries allowed by society.

A beautiful stone-talisman of the square Mars – Lilith is a ruby and pink spinel.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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