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Trine Jupiter – Lilith: money luck

Jupiter is a planet of great fortune, in favorable aspect with the Black Moon (Lilith) endows the native with adventurism and incredible luck in the house where Jupiter stands, but as a rule, all this is associated with other people’s money, international relations and education. Here the native can, in an incomprehensible way, get everything he wants even without outside help. His desire sets the course of events.

The people around intuitively trust the owner of the aspect, and if he justifies the hopes placed on him, fate rewards him many times over. In case of deceit and self-interest, every 9 years after the age of 12, the native cannot avoid a karmic return, since this property of Lilith is to turn the wards facing the deed, and Jupiter is the planet of justice.

Opportunities and problems of trine Jupiter – Lilith

The native does not imagine life without glory, honors and being in front of everyone. This is a noticeable outwardly and very ambitious person, who can be seen immediately, as if he was already born with the charisma of an important person. This attitude helps him to take a prominent place among the rich and famous, but moreover, to establish his own rules of the game.

The fact is that the owners of the trine Jupiter – Lilith do not tolerate restrictions on freedom. The worst thing for them is to be in the service of less talented and charismatic people.

They were born for power and control, but unlike the Saturnians, they do not like to make great efforts and work tirelessly, but they are perfectly able to delegate routine duties and shine against the backdrop of teamwork.

They really get the laurels intended for everyone, simply because they are in the role of commander, leader, leader. For this, they may not be loved by less fortunate colleagues or subordinates. However, the native cannot compromise and change his attitude. He is interested in distributing duties and shining, performing and accepting prizes, but not plowing in the sweat of his brow.

Thanks to the creativity and cunning of Lilith, he knows how to gain confidence in the powers that be, but at the same time he will honestly manage their finances, enriching himself as well. The owner of the trine Jupiter – Lilith is not a deceiver, he is just interested in playing for high stakes, and he understands that honest people in the world of big business are respected, so his cunning and adventurism is a way to get into the world of the elite, and then he works for reputation.

Such people are usually very democratic, respect even the most unusual and exotic beliefs and beliefs of others, are interested in esotericism, but if someone dares to challenge their value system, they become furious.

Trine Lilith – Jupiter and relationships

The owner of this aspect will never choose a person whom others do not admire as a life partner. Especially if Jupiter or Lilith are in 1, 5, 7 houses. Very often, such people view relationships as a social elevator to climb to the top of the world in the circle of the elite, but they cannot be called soulless rich spouses. They just like people who have access to power and success.

A woman with a trine Jupiter – Lilith is smart and focused on the realization of ambitions, so she manages to try herself in a variety of social positions, from a small manager to a company leader. It is difficult to get bored with her, because she knows a lot and has extensive life experience. Such a lady knows how to interest rich men in the business world, because she is not interested in being a kept woman, and she considers marriage as a mutually beneficial partnership. Having gained access to her husband’s millions, she will figure out how to increase them or invest in a business, but will not spend everything on clothes and travel.

A man trine Lilith-Jupiter can be arrogant and selfish at a low level of development. He likes successful women with good capital who can fit into his business or even pull it out on themselves. If he is rich, he will consider a merger of common capital, if he is poor, he will try to charm the lady in order to gain access to expanded business management through her. Whether all this will be by calculation or by mutual sympathy depends on the position of Venus and the Moon. Of course, if they are in earth signs, such a man is aimed at material well-being and can sacrifice feelings for the sake of comfort. If everything is in order in this regard, then, having matured, he will not mind acting as a guardian and guide to the world of wealth for a beautiful, spectacular girl.

How to work out the trine Jupiter – Lilith

The owner of this aspect will be happy only if he gains the freedom to do what he likes and not depend on others. You can not stay in small positions, you need to strive for more.

Trine Jupiter – Lilith works well after 25 years, when you can make a brilliant career if you cast aside doubts and allow yourself to play big.

Of course, the Black Moon already gives Jupiter the confidence that he was born to be rich and famous, but sometimes this feeling turns into arrogance and snobbery. A person believes that everyone owes him, but he does not want to work. It is important to learn how to be the best version of yourself. You need to get a quality education. With this aspect, an international diploma, as well as knowledge of foreign languages, will not interfere, because if Jupiter is in the 9th house, the career will work out well abroad.

It is undesirable to get involved in gambling and invest other people’s money in risky projects, succumbing to impulse.

The best talisman stone for the trine Jupiter – Lilith – citrine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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