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Square Sun – Moon

The square of the Sun and Moon is a disharmonious aspect, which means the struggle between a person's consciousness and his subconscious reactions and feelings. A native with such an astrological constellation either fully relies on his mind, ignoring emotional impulses, or is guided by intuition and does not pay attention to the realities of the world around him. As a result of such behavior, mistakes often arise, realizing and correcting which, a person improves himself and his way of acting.

Square Sun - Moon

The influence of the aspect on the personality of a person and his behavior

Aspects of the Sun and Moon are always of great importance in a person's horoscope, even if they are tense. Any configuration involving these luminaries helps a person to realize the purpose for which he lives. Squaring gives some tension and difficulties in setting goals and implementing plans, but it does not cancel the general orientation of a person towards life changes and new achievements.

Working out this aspect gives you spiritual depth, patience, the ability to transform reality in accordance with your needs and the desire for spiritual growth.

Holders of the square of the Sun and Moon should take particular care of their health: monitor their well-being, overcome pessimism, loss of strength, strengthen immunity and prevent exacerbation of chronic diseases.

People with this configuration can choose for themselves professions related to the sphere of personal services, public catering, real estate, education, upbringing and health care.

The square of the sun and moon in the woman's radix

Women, in whose radix there is a square between the Sun and the Moon, often have problems in building relationships with men. Personal life becomes a matter of concern, since the desires of a woman sometimes do not coincide with the aspirations of her partner.

Women with this aspect are disappointed in a partner, because he turns out to be too soft, indecisive, resentful and unable to take responsibility. In this case, the owner of the horoscope should not take on male obligations. Her task is to learn to see the positive character traits of a partner, to correctly distribute responsibilities in the family, and also to be flexible and diplomatic.

Square of the Sun and Moon in the radix of a man

The tense aspect between the Sun and the Moon in a man's natal will give some problems in understanding with the female sex. The square between the female and male luminary means disharmony in the relationship. It can be a struggle, the need to resolve acute contradictions with a partner, or apathy and unwillingness to work in a relationship and enter the position of a woman.

The fairer sex, with whom the owner of the aspect has to deal with, are distinguished by touchiness, passivity and infantilism. In relations with them, one should avoid harshness, authoritarianism and strong-willed pressure. A sensitive attitude, tact, flexibility and loyalty will help to work out this astrological constellation and thereby solve many problems in relationships.

The square of the Sun and Moon in the child's horoscope    

Children, in whose horoscopes there is a tense aspect of the Sun and Moon, have difficulty adapting to changing conditions. They are often tormented by inner anxiety, dissatisfaction and anxiety, hence the incomprehensible whims and strange whims.

Since the Moon in the horoscope symbolizes the mother, and the Sun symbolizes the father, the disharmonious combination of these principles in the child's chart is projected onto family relationships. The child in the house may be uncomfortable: he feels discord and lack of understanding between the parents.

A child with this constellation must be protected from stress and excitement, and also pay special attention to preparing him for new life stages: kindergarten, school, moving, changing environment, etc. Such children need to be taught as early as possible to be persistent, decisive, flexible and self-confident.

Lilia Garipova


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