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Quickons Mars – Ascendant: drafts naked

Quickons creates a series of repeating events so that a person goes through a karmic lesson. As a rule, it is associated with the past of his kind, with destructive patterns of behavior or emotional reactions to circumstances associated with the houses where the planets stand. The aspect creates increased vulnerability, which the native tries to hide by actively showing his talents or vice versa, hiding away so that no one would guess about his vulnerability.

Quickons Mars – Ascendant is difficult to ignore like other similar aspects of the red planet, since 1 house and the Ascending sign are affected here, which means active social realization, appearance and the very image of a person in the eyes of others.

Because of Mars, a person cannot sit in the shade, the internal tension is so great that the native cannot behave quietly, as if intentionally attracting danger. He needs to stand out, but most often this happens through aggressive actions.

Character, health and destiny with the quince Mars Ascendant

The native is constantly in the feeling that the whole world is against him. He, like a bristling wolf, is in anticipation of an attack and takes for him any minor attack in his direction. You should not make fun of such a person, much less criticize his appearance and style of clothing.

By the way, it also bears the imprint of the influence of the Mars Ascendant Quinceon: the native may prefer militaristic prints, metal rivets, even spikes as accessories. Women love all shades of red, use scarlet lipstick, often wear short hair, and black gives confidence to men. It is possible that many of them carry some kind of weapon with them, for example, a folding knife.

Surrounding people initially cause suspicion in the native. Already in childhood, it is not clear to him how you can make friends from the first acquaintance. He observes, studies, checks, sometimes deliberately provokes quarrels. It is not easy to communicate with such people, because behind their ostentatious aggression there is deep insecurity and vulnerability, so they believe that an attack is the best defense, but because of their increased vulnerability, they fiercely defend themselves even in those cases where you can calmly remain silent and pass by.

Verbal squabbles and showdowns are typical for both sexes, but men also instantly get into a fight, not understanding for a long time, it seemed to them that they were treated disrespectfully or they really wanted to offend them.

The aspect of Mars-Ascendant becomes the cause of various physical injuries precisely because of the incontinence of the native, and also, if for some reason he held back tension and unfulfilled desires for revenge for a long time, the temperature rises out of the blue, internal inflammations begin. Any viral diseases in humans pass rapidly, but quickly.

Quickons Mars Ascendant, personal life and synastry

Despite the passionate addictive nature, it is difficult for the native to fall in love. Such a man can live his whole life in the style of Casanova, easily attracting his partners for a few nights and parting with them as soon as a new attractive silhouette looms on the horizon.

The brighter the elements of fire and earth are expressed in the horoscope, the more obvious that the owners of the Mars-Ascendant quincunx disdain the female sex precisely because of physical weakness and sensitivity. Such men need a woman in the “boyfriend” style to drink beer in the company, watch football, and exchange a strong word.

Girls with the Mars Ascendant Quicon also prefer a militant image, pump their muscles in the gym and look for a partner stronger than themselves, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, they often fall in love with criminal personalities, considering them the embodiment of the male dominant. The safest option in their case is sympathy for athletes.

Quickons Mars-Ascendant in the synastry with a positive overall picture symbolizes powerful support and protection of interests for the owner of the Ascendant. Partners are connected by passion, but it’s too early to talk about love. In the negative version, there is a high probability of quarrels, fights, conflicts and physical violence if there are other indicators in the synastric chart: tense aspects of personal planets.

How to work out the quincunx Mars Ascendant

Aspects of Mars cannot be harmonized once and for all life. A planet in Quicons creates a constant internal boiling point when emotions can soar like a volcanic fountain at any moment, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse and control yourself. In addition to doing sports to relieve tension, it is very important for the native to train patience. To do this, it is good to do yoga, meditation, calligraphy, any hobby where you need to work with your hands. For men, furniture assembly is well suited. However, the main direction should be team sports, where you can shout from the heart, run, feel the spirit of unity with your own.

The fact is that it is very difficult for a native to create partnerships with other people, he does not know how to work in a team, so it is easier to learn to do this in sports.

The profession must be chosen with the expectation of a quick climb up the career ladder or initially work for yourself, because it is difficult for the native to obey someone.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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