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Quickons Mars – Chiron: at the limit of possibilities

In most cases, a person rarely feels a separate effect of the quincunx. This aspect creates internal vulnerability and tension associated with the desire to realize ambitions in the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, however, against the background of stronger configurations, it is lost or joins a bright negative or positive direction. Although sometimes the opposite is true.

In the case of a quincunx between Mars and Chiron, it is difficult to manifest oneself on other personal planets. This is a karmic influence from the past generation of the native. It limits and restrains any desire to break out of the familiar circle and generally accepted family traditions. A person is torn between the desire for freedom and the fear of losing the comfort zone. This is an aspect of extremes and hypertrophied self-doubt.

Character, health and fate under the Quince Mars-Chiron

The paradoxical aspect in the fate of the native is expressed in a combination of innate ambition and acute self-doubt. The native dreams of exploits and glory, but in reality he suffers from painful shyness.

Unlike other quicons of Mars, it manifests itself not only periodically, in the affairs of those houses where the planets stand, but also in life, because due to the participation of Chiron, internal vulnerability increases. An asteroid with the name of an ancient Greek centaur healer indicates a deep wound in a person that he needs to heal purposefully, using esoteric knowledge as well. Quickons is also an indicator of a sense of inner inferiority. With such initial data, almost all the owners of the aspect prefer to keep a low profile and go with the flow, lead a modest lifestyle and stay in the shadows.

Interestingly, despite the constant obstacles in achieving social success, a person initially has talents in the field of medicine, folk healing, as well as the wonderful gift of a gardener. Even dry sticks blossom in his hands, and often since childhood he has been interested in herbal medicine.

The position of Chiron in a certain house will show in which area the native is given talent, and Mars will tell you how to implement it. Of course, if the planets are in fiery signs, a person will try to fight for a place under the sun, but initially you need to prepare for obstacles on the way to glory if you still want to declare yourself loudly. A much milder aspect will be played by those who will modestly help solve problems for other people, working in medicine, being a sports or military doctor, an orderly, pharmacist or herbalist.

The holders of the Mars-Chiron quincunx often change jobs or combine several activities, secret and overt, especially if the 12th house is affected. Their inner vulnerability and self-criticism cause injuries out of the blue: from unexpected finger cuts to fractures, if, for example, they are terribly unwilling to take part in some kind of public affair.

Quickons Mars-Chiron, personal life and synastry

Considering that Mars is responsible for decisiveness and passion in personal relationships, the double vulnerability from Quince and Chiron greatly harms communication with the opposite sex. Men suffer from this more than women, who are still in a passive position of receiving attention from the outside, which means that their shyness can go away in the process of courtship from a confident partner.

But it is extremely difficult for a young man with Mars-Chiron to show an active beginning and show his sympathy, not to mention the conquest of a girl he likes. If you remove these fears, then a man with this aspect can be a very sensitive and loving partner, feeling the pain and vulnerability of his companion. This is a male healer, designed to heal the wounds of his beloved, but he needs help to open up.

Women with the Mars-Chiron quincunx are often afraid of sexual intimacy due to traumatic past experiences, so they need to be very responsible in choosing a partner.

In the synastry, this aspect connects people with different types of complexes and self-doubt in order to work them out in a joint relationship. Very often they mutually hurt each other, annoy each other, suffer from misunderstandings, but they cannot just sit down and agree on a different course of action in the relationship.

How to work out the quicons Mars-Chiron

You can’t do without a psychologist. Chiron enhances not only the vulnerability of the native, but also the karmic aspect of the aspect itself. This means that his position indicates a recurring problem in the family, which the native has to solve. Any emotional traumas of childhood need to be worked out with a psychologist, because they prevent you from taking the next step to harmonize the Mars-Chiron quincunx – making a conscious choice easily and without doubt. For a native, this is excruciatingly difficult, so you need to start by kindling the Sun, as a symbol of will, ego and self-determination, as well as Venus, which helps to realize both one’s own value and create a personal system of priorities. With such elaboration, it is much easier to make choices and earn respect from others.

It is better to choose practical hobbies, for example, sewing, knitting, wood carving, but also not to shy away from dancing, acting, and most importantly, develop your healing abilities, even if they are not directly related to the main profession.

It is important to create a real comfort zone, which will not be a prison, but a source of strength.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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