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Quickons Mars – Uranus: The Pursuit of Originality

Quickons is a karmic aspect that can turn on and thoroughly ruffle your nerves if a person has not realized, in the process of passing other tests, important things necessary to complete past programs of the family. Most often, it creates repetitive situations. The arena of events will be the themes of the houses where the participants of the aspect stand, but the methods of action and reaction follow the planetary properties. If Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are involved, then in childhood and adolescence, few people feel their impact, but at a conscious age they will make themselves felt clearly.

Quickons Mars-Uranus includes a desire to stand out. The native unexpectedly chooses an unusual profession or leaves the university to be a freelance artist. It is unrealistic to stop him, it will cause open hostility. Such people do not tolerate criticism well and do not know how to see themselves from the outside. The desire to be original is stronger than reason.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Mars-Uranus

If the native, due to circumstances, does not have the opportunity to show his creative abilities, or to do what he is interested in, but too exotic for others, for example, astrology, Tarot, palmistry, feng shui, until recently belonged to this category, he begins to feel depressed and irritation with the world, as if someone else is to blame for his restlessness. Any criticism or advice is perceived by him very sharply, because the quince in itself shows the vulnerability of a person in the affairs of the houses affected by him, and the features of Mars and Uranus inflame it to the extreme. Because of this, the native begins to foam at the mouth to prove his right to live the way he wants and do what he loves, but if his Sun, Moon and Mercury are struck by negative aspects, he simply suppresses his true needs, hides them and is ashamed to talk about what pleases him.

Several times in his youth, the Mars-Uranus quinceon may give meetings with coaches of unusual sports. If a person is already engaged in karmically shown figure skating, aerial and rhythmic gymnastics, ski jumping, then most likely he will be offered lucrative contracts or conditions in which he can become a star in his field of activity. You can win the Olympiad on the Mars-Uranus transit quicon.

By nature, this person is very purposeful, but the habit of doing more than expected comes from an internal distorted idea of \u200b\u200bhimself. It seems to him that others expect super results from him, although objectively this may not be the case, and he tries to justify these far-fetched expectations, sometimes bringing himself to complete physical exhaustion and emotional burnout. Because of this, there are both physical injuries when he trains at the limit of his capabilities, and unexpected nervous breakdowns.

Quickons Mars-Uranus, personal life and synastry

The native is attracted to bright and unpredictable personalities. Mars is associated with the manifestation of the sexual principle in both men and women. Passion strikes them instantly, because Uranus symbolizes speed and providence.

Falling in love has a great influence on the development of personality, but this does not mean that they will develop into love. We are talking about a relationship tied to physical attraction. They are designed to teach the owner of the horoscope endurance and self-confidence under any circumstances. The native falls in love at first sight and can really lose his temper and dignity in such relationships.

Quickons Mars-Uranus initially gives insecurity and vulnerability in Martian affairs, and if on the relationship floor it is sexuality, then a person covers up his fears, starting to behave deliberately provocatively, coming up with various perversions or, the most harmless, unusual places for meetings.

He is attracted to self-confident people who do not worry about personal attractiveness and can be a reliable support. Most often they are Capricorns, because Mars is exalted in this sign.

Quickons Mars-Uranus in the synastry also indicates instantaneous physical passion, as well as the need to bring it to a higher level of heavenly love. Most likely, in a past life, the partners were lovers, and now they are given a chance to enter into a spiritual union as well.

How to work out the quicon Mars-Uranus

Any aspects with higher planets are difficult to work out. It remains only to keep emotions under control, because the combination of Mars and Uranus gives an explosive temperament, but in the case of a quincunx it does not appear constantly, but only in the affairs of the houses affected by it, when the native is emotionally involved. Knowing this, it is easier to stop yourself and turn an outburst of anger into sports anger, relieve aggression during training, or throw it into creativity.

It is advisable to engage in sports where there is speed, jumping, a quick change in types of competition, for example, triathlon.

The native will perform well in medicine, programming, design and advertising. You cannot agree to working conditions that do not correspond to his capabilities, and for this you will have to soberly evaluate your data, which is extremely difficult with the Mars-Uranus quincunx.

The key to success is the rejection of envy and competition. If the native stops comparing himself with those whom he considers more fortunate, luck will immediately turn to face him.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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