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Quickons Mercury – Ascendant: bird-talker

Quickons is a karmic aspect that can be completely invisible against the background of an abundance of trines and sextiles, but from time to time it still manifests itself as inexplicable anxiety, guilt, and most importantly, a chain of recurring events. A person can live his whole life without realizing its influence, but it will be much easier for him to achieve his goals, realizing that in this aspect lies the power of the trine and the resistance of the opposition. This combination gives an irresistible desire to succeed in the theme of houses where the planets stand, and the quincunx Mercury-Ascendant will definitely not be ignored, since it is directly related to the circumstances of a person’s self-expression in the outside world.

The native cannot bear the thought of a quiet and inconspicuous existence. That is why he speaks incessantly, immediately attracts attention with active gestures and defiant behavior. It is not easy for such a person to sit still, and being rejected, he falls into a deep depression.

Character and health with the quince Mercury Ascendant

The native is under great pressure to take the first step and start talking about himself, but that is why he tends to take it immediately and be in the spotlight, instead of sitting and waiting to be spoken to. On the one hand, this is how he learns self-presentation, on the other hand, it is often obvious that this is feigned and inappropriate.

The main desire of the owner of the Quinceon Mercury is the Ascendant, so that others appreciate his intellect, oratorical skills, and also want to be friends with him. It is for this that he tries to count the thoughts and way of thinking of the interlocutor, as if reincarnating as him. This is not empathy, but the desire to know with the mind another universe in the head of a counterpart. For the native, this often turns into a complete merger with another person, the loss of one’s own opinion. He adopts intonations, gestures, beliefs and mannerisms of the person he likes so that he accepts him. Since Quicons is a karmic aspect, external changes in the native will occur only under the condition of strong emotions: an all-consuming desire to be friends, cooperate, marry or become part of a team.

Periodically, the quinceon Mercury Ascendant will lead the ward into circumstances where he will have to choose between accepting party policy or his own principles. This can be a minor incident, for example, a person is persuaded to drink alcohol at corporate parties wherever he works, and he is categorically against it, or quite serious when he is offered to snitch on employees or, forgetting about himself, to be an assistant to the boss 24 hours a day.

In any case, it is scary to make a choice for a native. He fears that his refusal will bring a lot of problems, however, until he decides, the aspect will constantly lead him into the same circumstances. Owners of the Mercury-Ascendant quincunx often suffer from nervous breakdowns and insomnia, constantly playing in their mind options for events and scenarios of their own behavior.

Quickons Mercury Ascendant, personal life and synastry

Too often the first impression of the native is directly opposite to his statements about himself, which does not contribute to sympathy from the opposite sex. For example, he claims to be modest, loyal and reliable, but at the same time boasts of his victories on the personal front and tells how he deftly cheated creditors. Of course, much depends on the strength and aspects of other personal planets, but the weaker Mercury, the more a person tries to give the impression of a self-confident macho or experienced woman, and very often overplays. Most of all, these people are afraid of loneliness, but with such behavior they themselves repel potential partners. The fear of being rejected prompts you to literally impose your fellowship and speak incessantly. In a relationship, they learn intellectual community and friendship first of all, and only then they move on to the stage of love.

To find happiness in his personal life, the native needs to realize his value, otherwise he will meekly accept the partner’s opinion about himself as the truth, even if there is depreciation and abuse. A karmic union will be a marriage with a person several years younger.

Quickons Mercury Ascendant in the synastry portends an excellent intellectual tandem for mutual development.

How to work out the Quinceon Mercury Ascendant

It is important for the native to look at himself from the outside in order to remove the excessive emotionality of behavior, to see how to correct gestures. For this purpose, it is useful to shoot a video with yourself in the lead role or ask friends to discreetly capture themselves on camera. It will immediately become clear what impression the interlocutors get, and what to change in yourself in order to correct mistakes.

With the Quinceon Mercury Ascendant, attendance at oratory courses and a theater studio is shown. This will help you get to know yourself, learn to control your voice, body and gestures. In addition, the native is a talented jack-of-all-trades and you need to take up hobbies more often, where you need to weave, knit, plan, sculpt, creating beauty. Even a simple renovation of the premises will unload the restless head of the native.

Given the constant presence in the stream of small matters that need to be resolved immediately, the native cannot ignore the prescribed vacation, and the weekend should be spent away from the phone, in nature, in order to take a break from business.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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