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Quickons Neptune – Ascendant: angel or pretender

Quickons is a karmic aspect, but it manifests itself through circumstances of secondary importance. Sometimes in life there are so many bright positive or negative events that a person simply does not notice the signs of fate that are not strongly manifested or the hints of the inner voice. If, however, you know that through the Quince you can harmonize the mistakes of the past and thereby strengthen the energy of the trine in your horoscope, then success is much easier to achieve. The paradox of the aspect is that it attracts favorable circumstances on the topic of houses where the planets stand, but the person himself spoils everything. He has like fragments of a crooked mirror in his eyes: fears, complexes, anxieties do not allow him to grab luck by the tail. Quickons Neptune Ascendant gives a strong dependence on the opinions of others. A sharp word hurts the native, he believes critical remarks addressed to him, flares up with ridicule.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Neptune Ascendant

Any aspect associated with the Ascendant greatly affects the appearance, style of clothing, behavior and the very image of a person. He chooses them consciously in order to successfully, in his opinion, interact with society. Do not forget that Quicons gives a deep vulnerability in everything related to this topic. Outwardly, Neptune gives an angelic appearance, even if there are negative aspects, the native highlights a spiritual, bright look and some dreaminess. In the worst case, these are people who are scattered and hovering in the clouds, but this happens with a weak and affected Mars and the Sun at the same time.

If the Ascendant is in the sign of Pisces or Cancer, the external romanticism of the image is obvious, but the uncertainty and obsessive need to save others and the world around are no less strongly expressed. The oppositional nature of the quinceon, unfortunately, constantly puts the native in the position of Don Quixote fighting the windmills. It seems to him that he is protecting someone, helping out of the best of intentions, and then it turns out that no one expected or asked for this.

Quickons Neptune Ascendant is a sign of a collision with the ingratitude of other people, and the sooner a person stops waiting for her, the easier it will be for him to live.

Despite the undoubted talents, the native may remain unclaimed due to the inability to plan movement towards the goal. He lives in a state of creative chaos, not understanding how to put his creative abilities into practice. If there are additional aspects that indicate giftedness, then perhaps there is a person who will take over his promotion. Then the Quince Neptune Ascendant will manifest itself as laziness, and the native will cope with it on his own or with the help of a manager – a matter of circumstances.

Also, such a person can be non-punctual and optional, which greatly irritates others. For this reason, it is better for him to work alone or in positions where he is personally responsible for the result of his work.

Due to constant absent-mindedness, the native may suffer from various injuries out of the blue, either he will not notice the pit, or he will confuse the medicine. It is also important to live negative emotions correctly without accumulating stress in the body. Alcohol abuse should be avoided.

Quickons Neptune Ascendant, personal life and synastry

Men and women with this aspect often mislead partners with their angelic spiritual appearance. Quickons attracts rescuers to them, who think that these infantile creatures simply won’t survive without them, while, for example, a person with the Sun in Aries, Venus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn can be absolutely unsinkable and strong in spirit, but makes a first impression pampered and sublime due to the quincunx Neptune Ascendant.

However, he really wants to make the world around him better and can mindlessly spend his money on close friends, and even more so on loved ones. It is easy to please such men and women – you can arrange a romantic surprise for them, they will also appreciate an invitation to the cinema, theater, art exhibition.

The main problem of the native is generosity. Partners often deceive him, promise castles in the air, involve him in financial pyramids or projects that need to be sponsored, but whether they will be successful depends on other aspects.

Quickons Neptune Ascendant in the synastry helps to reveal the creative talents of both partners, and also promotes romance and spiritual unity throughout life.

How to work out the quincunx Neptune Ascendant

The native should actively kindle his Sun, strengthen Mars and Saturn through the cultivation of self-discipline and planning for upcoming events, otherwise it is easy to turn into a drifter and depend on the whims of fate.

Aspect gives interesting meetings with creative people who become teachers and mentors, managers and impresarios, but it is important not to become proud, considering yourself a potential superstar, and not self-deprecate, thinking that a friend is much more talented.

It is best to develop any Neptunian talents in practice: play musical instruments, dance, sing, write poetry and songs, even if the main profession is not related to art. It is good to relieve stress by swimming and various water sports. Particular care will have to be taken with drugs, many of which are addictive, and liquid foods – there is a possibility of poisoning.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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