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Quickons Neptune – Pluto: space wanderers

Quickons creates a feeling of insatiable dissatisfaction in the affairs of the houses where its participants stand. This is a sign of karmic working off, not the most important against the background of other, more powerful aspects, but when it enhances or includes them, it becomes obvious that it also needs to be worked out. However, the higher planets symbolize energy, which must be learned to manage already at a conscious age. Most often, this is a generational aspect, and those who learn to use it for their own benefit will win against the backdrop of the general mass.

Quickons Neptune-Pluto encourages a person to change the world through creativity or mercy at the highest level of development. One way or another, the soul will strive precisely for this peak, but if a person does not know the meaning of the aspect or lives in cramped circumstances, he will look for a way out to another world in alcohol, TV shows, and may even fall under the influence of totalitarian sects.

Character, health and fate with the quincunx Neptune-Pluto

In situations related to the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, the native has a clear feeling that he is being led by higher powers. A heightened sense of religiosity and connection with the subtle world appears if the 1st and 9th houses are affected. This aspect is found in the horoscopes of priests, but much depends on the overall picture of the card and the level of awareness of its owner.

The fact is that the quincunx Neptune-Pluto gives the gift of persuading and inspiring people to exploits and accomplishments in the name of high ideas. If a person is himself enlightened, smart and kind, he carefully uses his talent, realizing it in literature, movie scripts, even on his personal Instagram blog, calling for doing good. He himself strives to provide volunteer assistance and encourages his fans to act.

Quickons Neptune-Pluto is a wonderful additional aspect for politicians and leaders, helping them not to become conceited, not to get stuck on the material level, but to strive to do good, and on a massive scale. Priests and psychologists with this aspect feel the pain of their interlocutors and direct them in the right direction to solve problems, thanks to a heightened Neptunian intuition and a Plutonian desire to get to the very essence. They will not rest until they solve any difficult problem.

However, there is also a downside. If the chart has many negative aspects with personal planets, and the native himself is at a low level of development, then it is more likely that he uses the gift of persuasion for personal gain, becoming a pseudo-psychic or false guru.

Depending on the strength of the Sun, Mars and Mercury, a person becomes a victim of totalitarian sects or establishes them himself, manipulating the minds of adherents through the distortion of religious ideas.

Quickons Neptune-Pluto does not directly affect health, however, with strong nervous tension, there may be problems with the nervous system. Also, taking into account the karmic nature of the aspect, it returns the sins of the native along the line of these planets to the level of the physical body with a boomerang.

Quickons Neptune-Pluto, personal life and synastry

An aspect can influence personal relationships indirectly if it affects the axis of 1-7 or 5-11 houses, again through the ability to enter into trust and manipulate the consciousness of another person. Quickons in these homes create a strong desire to please and charm.

However, if circumstances develop in such a way that the other person does not reciprocate, Pluto can behave insidiously, prompting you to pursue the object of passion, use Neptunian dishonest methods of manipulation, up to sleeping pills or Photoshop, in order to destroy the previous relationship of the person you like with the help of fake photographs, and bind him to yourself.

At the highest level of development, the native, on the contrary, is capable of self-sacrifice in the name of love. These are people who can combine passion, romance and the highest idea of the unity of souls in relationships.

Depending on the level of awareness and strength of personal planets, the native can tune in to the thoughts and feelings of people of interest to him or become a victim of stronger Plutonian personalities, subordinating him with their mere presence.

Quickons Neptune-Pluto in the synastry creates an instant attraction when people like each other both on the physical plane and on the intellectual and spiritual level. The owner of Pluto wants to know the Neptunian to the very depths of his value system, even if it is initially not close and incomprehensible to him, and he, in turn, tries to heal his partner with love, prayer and creative insights. Even if such people break up, the aspect brings them together again and again.

How to work out the Neptune-Pluto quincunx

Aspects with higher planets are quite difficult to understand and harmonize, you just need to understand their essence and stubbornly go to the higher floors. Each of your goals must be checked for environmental friendliness so as not to harm others. The native is given an incredible potential of energy in the houses where the planets of the quincunx are, so he needs to fulfill himself. Politics, medicine, psychology are best suited.

The most dangerous way is to be an atheist, because the denial of the divine will immediately turn on the low energies of Pluto and this will be destructive both for the native himself and for his environment. You can not engage in black magic, conspiracies, revenge and impose your will on other people.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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