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Quickons Venus – Chiron: marriage agent

The impact of this minor aspect on the life of the native resembles the effect of a crooked mirror. A person has the talents and certain qualities of both planets involved in communication, but does not see at all a way to put these gifts into practice. The planets resemble a swan, cancer and a pike in one wagon, and their ward seems to be capable and smart, confusedly trying to direct these diverse energies in one direction, but he sees the result as if in a distorted mirror, and does not understand whether he is going in the right direction. Therefore, repeated situations arise in life in order to finally steer on the right path.

Quikons Venus-Chiron most astrologers do not take into account due to ignoring the power of the asteroid Chiron, although many studies have already been carried out that have shown that it affects the life of the native no less than Selena and Lilith, endowing a person with a cunning mind, musicality and healing abilities, but most importantly : the need for a double life. In quincunx with Venus, he has a specific influence on personal life and self-esteem.

Character, fate and health under the quincunx Venus-Chiron

The aspect creates a certain dissatisfaction with the female side of the soul, and this also applies to men who consider their gentleness, sensitivity and compassion to be weakness. If the parents are also ashamed for tears, pity and unwillingness to take revenge on the offenders, then the Quince Venus-Chiron is crushed from childhood and may not make itself felt in the future.

Initially, such boys may have a desire to dance in ballet, become a model, heal people and animals with the energy of their hands, or draw for days on end. They dream of creative professions, are interested in the magic of makeup and hairdressing, but if for girls such hobbies are considered more or less logical, then the boys’ parents are usually horrified and strive to make their sons more courageous by giving them to hockey instead of figure skating and karate instead of ballet .

Of course, if Mars is strong in the horoscope, then most likely it will be beneficial and help you cope with your emotional side. You will get harmony between sensitivity and physical strength, and the ability to protect yourself and others will come in handy in life. It is much more difficult for the owners of Mars, the Sun and Mercury in water signs. Here you can simply break the tender soul of the child, trying to reshape his nature to the ideas of society.

Quickons Venus-Chiron does not affect sexual orientation, but it gives incredible sensitivity and dissatisfaction with one’s own “I”, which greatly affects relations with the world. A person wants to engage in esotericism, herbal medicine, astrology, but he is often indifferent to the main profession and is engaged in it only for the sake of earning.

It is a great happiness to be realized in a specialty that is interesting for oneself. This will remove a lot of problems.

If the native feels that he is being rejected, he literally falls ill, and it is difficult to diagnose him. Everything hurts him, he has no energy, he can feel sick for no reason. However, as soon as he feels that someone needs him and loves him, everything disappears as if by hand.

Quickons Venus-Chiron, personal life and synastry

A rather difficult situation in life develops when Venus in the natal chart is in conjunction with the Sun. Then the Quicons becomes common for them and creates internal contradictions that hinder success at work and in their personal lives. Such a person seems to be given little attention. Even if he is showered with compliments and gifts, the inner feeling of inferiority does not go anywhere. These people always have small pearls, and the porridge is liquid, it seems to them that others have it better, although objectively they meet interesting partners who are also passionate about esotericism and unraveling the mysteries of the Universe, however, the native sees that the girlfriend’s husband truly loves her, and his husband is cold and indifferent.

Most often, such throwing is characteristic of women, because men initially turn out to have an aspect turned off due to masculine upbringing, or it is blocked by the pronounced signs of Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, helping to save their “ego” from doubts.

However, there is an important point. The little quincunx Venus-Chiron gives its owner real magic. Several times in his life, he creates the aspect of Cinderella, when you can meet the prince and princess of your life: a partner with whom there will be fabulous harmony and mutual love. Unlike the transit quincunx, which is included in the so-called Cinderella Gate, which you also have to not miss, being sure to be at the ball, in the right place, the Venus-Chiron quincunx is more in line with the proverb: fate will find it behind the stove. Another thing is that because of self-doubt, a person can push away his own happiness.

How to work out the Venus-Chiron quincunx

Most importantly, the native needs to learn to listen to his intuition and separate her voice from internal fears and doubts about her attractiveness. If you can follow the dream in a way that brings money and popularity, the rest of the world will also accept any individuality and uniqueness of the native that previously seemed strange to other people. It is important to develop your talents according to Venus, if, for example, in Taurus – singing, in Pisces – dancing and acting, in Sagittarius – spectacular sports, in Aquarius – innovative fashion designs, and according to Chiron to bring new energies to all this, styles, angles.

Quickons Venus-Chiron can give good luck in love to those who accept themselves with all the flaws, and if this is not the case, then it enhances inner feelings and an inferiority complex. You can help yourself by working with Venus, the Moon and the Sun, as well as in therapy with a psychologist. It is also good to wear jewelry with turquoise and rose quartz, harmonizing the energies of both planets.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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