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Quickons Venus – Saturn: under the weight of responsibility

The minor karmic aspect creates internal contradictions and discomfort, which encourage you to act and develop on the topic of the planets that form it, and the houses in which they stand. However, the members of the Quicons categorically do not understand each other’s principles. It’s like a prince and a beggar in one union. Everyone wonders how you can live like this. It is for this reason that it is extremely difficult for a native to unite their gifts in a positive way.

Quickons Venus-Saturn mysteriously manages to influence a person as a trine and opposition, creating the prerequisites for the fulfillment of desires and internal obstacles at the same time. All this translates into walking in a circle in the theme of the planets. The native is an incredibly hardworking person, systematically moving towards the desired goals. It seems that he can get a star from the sky, but behind this image there is a strong fear that without achievements and money he will not be loved.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Venus-Saturn

People with this aspect more often than others become workaholics, but rarely know how to enjoy life. They know how to earn large sums, and often spend them on loved ones, charity, creating a new business, but not on something that brings joy to them personally. This is especially pronounced with the location of Venus in earth signs and the position of Saturn in Leo.

The fact is that the native feels the burden of responsibility for loved ones and the world as a whole. It is difficult for him to spend money on himself when someone nearby is in need. This feeling of guilt comes from the depths of the family or from a past life and needs to be worked out, otherwise a person will try to make everyone happy except himself. Because of the lack of self-love, all the problems of the native occur: timidity, stiffness and habitual being in second place in partnership. It is noteworthy that this does not interfere with making money, but it hinders the enjoyment of shopping and relationships. Moreover, the time and attention spent on others to the detriment of himself turns into neglect and abuse of his kindness by those he helped. This does not mean that you need to turn into an egoist, you just have to prioritize, and please yourself first, and then others.

The native is very worried if he suddenly remains without work or quarrels with friends. It seems to him that this is forever and no one needs him. However, such periods are given to him as a test of strength, and the best way out is self-improvement, for example, playing sports and learning new skills, whether it is a profession or a hobby.

Internal conflicts and experiences strongly affect the appearance of the native and provoke diseases of the nervous and cardiac systems.

Quickons Venus-Saturn, personal life and synastry

In childhood, the native experienced a strong limiting influence from older relatives. The girl regularly found herself in circumstances where her grandmother or grandfather suggested that beautiful dresses and sweets were a sin, and the boy was scolded for his interest in the female sex.

There could be an absolutely cold emotional atmosphere in the family if there were other additional factors in the map, or the child encountered such an attitude in those matters that were important to him. For example, he said that he dreams of buying something expensive or about his first love.

More precisely, we can say by looking at the sign and house of Venus. If she stands in the 5th and 7th houses, then all external restrictions and internal blocks will be associated with love affairs or will appear in marriage, when suddenly all the personal values of the native, both material and beliefs, principles, beliefs, will be under the strict control of the partner. Quickons Venus-Saturn often means a late marriage after a series of relationships that ended unexpectedly or at the last moment before the wedding. As with other aspects of Saturn related to personal life, it is better for a native to marry after 29 years.

In the synastry, the quincunx Venus-Saturn has a greater influence on the owner of the planet of love, which will be under pressure from the restrictive measures of the Saturnian. The partner will become a strict teacher for the Venusian, and it’s good if he is fair and wise, but most often you will have to firmly defend your interests and values.

How to work out the quincunx Venus-Saturn

The native needs to love himself. This rule works for any Quicons, but here the quality of life directly depends on its implementation. Only realizing his value, a person will understand how to combine the principles of Venus and Saturn, without prejudice to joy and happiness.

It is important to always act out of love for yourself, and then for your neighbor. Choose a profession that you really like, but at the same time brings good money, marry a person for love, but at the same time understand that the goals and values are the same, and you can build a life that is pleasant for both. Thus, the prudence of Saturn is harmoniously combined with the passion of Venus. It is especially important not to make a mistake in terms of the profession, because self-realization for the native is the foundation of the foundations. To do this, you will need to carefully analyze the 10th house, the planets near the Meridian of the Midheaven (MC), as well as the 2nd, 6th and 8th sectors of the horoscope. The Descendant will show the desired image of a partner and give an understanding of how best to build relationships with him before he appears in reality, since with Venus-Saturn quincunx it is always better to prepare in advance, because it is difficult for a person to act spontaneously.

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