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Quickons Jupiter – Saturn: fortunately through restrictions

Quickons does not belong to the main aspects, and therefore not all astrologers take into account its influence when analyzing a natal chart. However, being karmic, it is still felt in the real events of the native’s life, it only manifests itself either at moments of emotional upheaval, or joining stronger positive and negative configurations, therefore, when interpreting, you need to look at the predominance of certain aspects in the horoscope. Quickons can manifest as opposition through internal fears and as a trine, attracting favorable circumstances for the realization of a person’s plans.

Jupiter and Saturn are social planets, their action will manifest itself specifically in matters of career and interaction with society, therefore, in their youth, the Quicon between them does not make itself felt. Starting from the age of 12, he can give incredible stubbornness and fixation on his own rightness and righteousness, when a person wants to intentionally limit himself in contacts and pleasures in order to succeed in his studies, but he will fully open up already in adulthood.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Jupiter-Saturn

The aspect creates confusion in the mind and in the process of self-realization of one’s talents and skills. On the one hand, the native wants to be a bird of great flight, on the other hand, he clips his own wings. If he has harmonious Sun and Mercury, then self-restraints will provide the necessary basis for the subsequent take-off, for example, a person will create a tough daily or training regime for himself and will be able to get into sports shape in the shortest possible time, prepare for an exam or an interview, shrink like a spring and shoot exactly at target. With an abundance of negative aspects, the opposite happens, the native believes that by engaging in self-flagellation and arguing with competitors, he will create a reputation as a revolutionary-minded fighter for the truth. He does not notice his lack of flexibility and diplomacy and is very surprised when someone else is taken to the desired position in the company.

Due to deep insecurity, the owner of the Jupiter-Saturn quincunx often cannot fully show his talents and organizational skills. Having been given the opportunity to lead, he hides like a snail in the shell of a comfort zone, afraid to offend his subordinates with an excess of orders, or goes too far, completely ignoring emotional contacts at work. He needs a self-confident friend or colleague nearby who will support him with a kind word, praise him and tell him what needs to be corrected.

Karmically, the quincunx Jupiter-Saturn is associated with feelings of guilt due to unfulfilled debt. It is always necessary to keep promises and return money, pay salaries in full. As a subordinate, the native completely limits himself financially, agreeing to a meager pay, but at the same time he is cured with all his might, proving his professionalism. Here it is necessary to develop creative potential, because only through a creative approach will the owner of the horoscope be able to fully reveal himself, and most importantly, he himself will believe in the uniqueness of his own personality.

His Achilles heel is religious and national prejudice, he may believe, for example, that one race is superior to another, or that there is only one faith, and the rest of the people are heretics.

Quickons Jupiter-Saturn, personal life and synastry

Since both planets are not personal, but social, they do not have a direct impact on relations with the opposite sex, however, internal uncertainty, an underlying sense of guilt, as if someone did not add something, indirectly make the native an attractive target for more powerful and flexible people. They see its potential, and helping, on the one hand, to reveal it, they manipulate the actions of the card holder in order to obtain personal gain. A man with a Jupiter-Saturn quincunx may be under the heel of a woman who encourages him in career matters. She will force you to go to the boss and ask for a pay rise, because this is her direct benefit. Such men always give money to their wives because of karmic guilt, especially if there really were financial debtors in the family.

Women with Jupiter-Saturn quincunx dream of a spouse with a high social status, but they are internally afraid of not meeting him. They can meet with such men, but never marry them because of the oppositional influence of Saturn, which creates a lot of fears and complexes in their heads.

Quickons Jupiter-Saturn in the synastry creates periodic friction in relationships, or contributes to the consolidation of joint efforts at a difficult moment in life, when a couple deliberately limits themselves in something in order to achieve the ultimate goal, from savings for a new bedroom set to painstaking work for the sake of moving abroad frontier to a new secure life.

How to work out the Jupiter-Saturn quincunx

The main thing is to remove the feeling of guilt. It can be unconscious and then you should unearth the family archives, find out all the stories related to debts for money and obligations, correct what you can, or simply forgive the ancestors.

Colleagues who pass on their responsibilities to others and set clear boundaries, allowing others to be special and individual as well as themselves, and allowing different points of view in religious matters should be avoided.

Professional success awaits in the field of medicine and education, but it is important to immediately charge a slightly overpriced price for your services, thereby working through the influence of Saturn and making a deliberate compliment to your Jupiter. This will help you immediately enter the desired energy flow and move towards success.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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