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Lilith (Black Moon) in Capricorn – transformation of tyranny

Lilith shows the degree of dark karma of the owner of the horoscope. The place of her stay is the source of the strongest temptations, fears, and propensity for vices on the lower floor of this sign and house. A person is fixated on their inherent energies and desires so much that, in a negative scenario, this overshadows his destiny along the Meridian of the Midheaven and the Sun.

The Black Moon asks in full every 9 years, and before that it gives confidence in permissiveness. If she is in Capricorn, then the native, as a rule, is adamant in her passions for power, and even if she does not take a high position, she will become a domestic tyrant. However, there is another extreme – a strong fear of responsibility, complete dependence on superiors, subservience and lack of self-respect in marriage, when the partner pushes him around as he wants.

Lilith in Capricorn and past life

In previous incarnations, a person was a despot and a ruthless servant of the system. Low sensuality and empathy made him an ideal executor of other people’s cruel orders, while he did not feel either sympathy or strong hatred for the victims. He was simply doing his duty through the prism of a false understanding. It could be either an executioner, an NKVD investigator, a tough ruler from the time of the cult of personality, or the owner of a small farm, where everything revolved around his orders like a well-oiled mechanism.

One thing is certain – the system, work, the state have always been for him above the fate of the individual. Yes, he could be a hero who laid down his life for his homeland, but he could also easily hand over his relatives to a concentration camp for the sake of perverted ideas of power, such as the Germans in the 30s brought their Jewish wives to the Gestapo. Now a person chooses: whether to continue his tough service or correct the mistakes of the past.

The manifestation of Lilith in Capricorn in life

It is very difficult to work out such a position of the Black Moon. From a past life, a person brings a taste of power, and a thirst for domination. Out of habit, he ruthlessly suppresses everyone who falls into the field of his communication. Such children from an early age mark their boundaries and force their parents to comply with their requirements.

In some ways, Lilith in Capricorn resembles the Black Moon in Leo, but if it is important for the second that others recognize her creative talents and attractiveness, the first does not pay attention to this. The native does not care what they think about him, he does not need love or admiration, only the ecstasy of power and the humiliation of other people. Even in the best case, a person will build households, and in the worst case, they will have to humbly ask permission to turn on the TV.

The manifestation of Lilith in Capricorn strongly depends on the level of awareness of a person:

Inferior: Ice-hearted, delight in humiliating rivals and subordinates, fascist tendencies, tyranny and despotism. The native uses personal attraction to divide and conquer.

Medium: one pays for the sins of the past. The boss humiliates him, devalues his achievements, colleagues steal ideas or projects. Complete dependence on a tyrant spouse or a powerful wife. It’s hard to express feelings. There may be clashes with skinheads or any Nazis. The native is sacrificed at work, someone else’s mistakes are blamed on him, which can even lead to prison.

Higher: a person confidently leads the team to a noble goal, harshly suppresses arbitrariness and discrimination, knows how to unite people for the good of society.

The demon Lilith in Capricorn is provoked by any ideas of the superiority of one person over another, Nazi literature, the refusal of friends or relatives to accept his rules of the game or recognize him as an authority.

Lilith in Capricorn and personal life

Love relationships are of little interest to the native, unless there are strong Moon, Mars and Venus in his chart, which can somewhat mitigate the impact of Lilith, and difficult periods will occur every 9 years, and not constantly. It is much more difficult if these planets are in the signs of the elements of the earth. In this case, low sensuality and sexuality interfere with personal life. It develops in two scenarios:

1. The native enters into a marriage of convenience, choosing a partner of high social status in order to advance in society, or from a sacrificial position for complete submission to his ideas.

2. The passive owner of Lilith in Capricorn unconsciously chooses an imperious and despotic partner who does not allow him to develop and thereby “saves” him from the emergence of destructive ideas of a past life. However, the person himself suffers from abuse.

Lilith in Capricorn hates cleaning and housework in principle, considering this work meaningless, but she demands from her partner to the fullest.

How to defeat the demon Lilith in Capricorn

It is important to get rid of abuse of power and official position and carefully check any goal for environmental friendliness. She shouldn’t hurt anyone.

At an average level of development, it is necessary to develop humility in front of someone else’s arbitrariness, but not allow yourself to be made a scapegoat, having studied legal methods of protection. The more the native helps the victims of bullying, bullying, financial fraud, the easier it will be for him to live. This also includes any social and charitable work, assistance in finding work for disabled people, mothers on maternity leave and other vulnerable segments of the population. You need to stay away from mountains, dungeons, be very careful in the subway, take care of bones and teeth.

Celebrities with Lilith in Capricorn: A. Schwarzenegger, P. Cruz, K. Moss.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Capricorn:


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