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Lilith (Black Moon) in Pisces – transformation of sacrifice

The theme of the Black Moon excites the imagination of astrologers and frightens ordinary people. It seems to them that she is the cause of bad luck and painful experiences. Lilith does show topics that cause a strong emotional reaction of a person, because they are connected with his past life, namely with wrong deeds, sins and crimes. Strong fears arise most often among the owners of water Lilith.

So, for example, in Pisces, it causes fear of depth, height, any open space, drunken people and sex, which may indirectly indicate the cause of death in the past. The native is an unusually sacrificial person, but he always chooses the wrong idol for himself, on the altar of which he is ready to throw all the most valuable and revel in his nobility.

Lilith in Pisces past life

In the past incarnation, the native managed to sin decently, because the sign of Pisces is associated with the redemption of the highest category. His sins were tied to the Neptunian energies of the lowest level: alcoholism, drug addiction, totalitarian sects. He could be an organizer and a passive consumer.

Also, the person probably belonged to secret organizations, whether it was the Inquisition or Masonic societies with ideas that are very doubtful for the benefit of mankind, but intoxicating him with the prospect of cleansing the world from philistines and consumers.

The native could also earn money in exotic ways through divination and seances of spiritualism, as well as impersonating dead high-ranking officials. Now he has a ban on lies, duplicity, magic and esotericism.

Manifestations of Lilith in Pisces in real life

The native brings the idea of sacrifice to the present embodiment, but the distorted idea of love and service again leads him to sectarian offshoots of religion, falling in love with alcoholics, drug addicts and criminals whom he seeks to save, but in the end either their dark energy drags him into the pool with his head, Or he becomes a real victim.

Even if Lilith in Pisces does not have aspects with personal planets, her wards still consider themselves victims of a cruel world. It seems to them that they are so good, although their care and help is sometimes intrusive or even a disservice, and others do not appreciate and do not like them. This position really attracts abusers and aggressors, thieves, scammers and false friends. Often the native puts on the guise of an outcast and portrays the outcast of society, reveling in self-pity.

Depending on the degree of spirituality of a person, Lilith in Pisces manifests itself at different levels:

Lower: craving for vices, self-corruption through obtaining pleasure: alcohol, drugs, casual relationships. Manipulation of others through pity for their bitter fate, divorce for money, the use of people in love with them for the sake of self-interest.

Medium: the native tries to save those who have chosen the dark path of vice, and he himself perishes or suffers being rejected. This person feels superfluous and out of place, his help is not needed or excessive, as a result, he withdraws into himself and is afraid to show mercy. Secret enemies slander, write denunciations, a prison is possible.

Higher: the native fights the dark side of life, thieves, swindlers through art, missionary and charitable activities.

The demon Lilith in Pisces is provoked by any injustice, pain, resentment, and also when others fulfill what he dreams of, or what is not available to him.

Lilith in Pisces and personal life

The Black Moon manifests itself differently in men and women. Representatives of the stronger sex are able to create the image of a defenseless infantile boy who needs to be loved and patronized. They constantly complain about how unfair and cruel the world is to their talents, how difficult it is to succeed, which encourages a woman to devote herself entirely to him, to take care of him, to listen to his problems, to do business. He will never get enough of attention and will reproach her for indifference, even if she lives only for him.

A woman with Lilith in Pisces dissolves in her beloved man, tries to be his mother and beloved, but often gets bored with obsessive care and the desire to be his shadow. Especially dangerous for her is a relationship with an alcoholic, a drug addict, a prisoner (acquaintance by correspondence) and a tyrant. Disappointments in love can cause mental illness.

How to Defeat the Demon Lilith in Pisces

The owners of the Black Moon in Pisces themselves create torments and obstacles for themselves, so that later they can heroically overcome them, and await the admiration of a society that does not notice at all how hard it was for them. Hence the constant dissatisfaction with life. The secret is that they need to achieve goals while in a relaxed state and peace of mind. They just don’t know how to relax, which is why they resort to alcohol and pills. You need to come to terms with the fact that they will never achieve the full love of those around them and just create, love, help disinterestedly, without expecting anything in return.

The ideas of the native about the general good for society can backfire, so it is important to listen to the advice of sober-minded people before putting them into practice. You can not drink, smoke, take antidepressants.

Celebrities with Lilith in Pisces: B. Yeltsin, M. Gorbachev, S. Yesenin.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Pisces:


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