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Opposition Chiron – Pluto. Shining Phoenix

Aspects of Chiron with Pluto are rare. They happen about once every 60 years and affect entire generations. This, of course, reduces the degree of their personal manifestation in the life of an individual person, but astrologers who claim that such influence should not be given attention are still not entirely right.

The strength of the impact depends on the power of Pluto in a single chart, since then the pain caused by Chiron will insistently require elaboration, and the native himself will tirelessly seek a way out of this problem. In addition, the very opposition between them adds fire to the heat of internal dissatisfaction. There is also a resource for turning ashes into a shining Phoenix, if you know the rules of the game of this complex aspect.

The influence of the opposition Chiron-Pluto on fate

The stronger the position of the planets, the more clearly their war is manifested in the inner world of the native, which means that it also forms external events, since the influence of the Chiron-Pluto opposition first of all creates a quarrelsome, difficult character. Owners of the aspect of high opinion of themselves, but such self-esteem is just a colossus with feet of clay. Covering the wound of Chiron, she most often does not correspond to reality. A person considers himself a guru and a professional in the field of the house where Pluto stands, but overestimates his importance.

Representatives of generations born in these 60-63 years feel their destiny early, but the duality and curiosity of Chiron do not allow them to focus on one thing. They want everything at once: fame, wealth, money, and even when they get into the stream and receive the first recognition of their success, they suddenly seem to catch on, throw everything halfway out of fear that they won’t be pulled, or it begins to seem to them that in a new business everything will be even better. This is just Chiron’s test of fidelity to his destiny and very few can withstand it.

The main character trait in the Chiron-Pluto opposition is the constant opposition of one’s original thinking and desires to society.

A person is a great original, but to what extent he will show this depends on personal planets. There are other shades of influence on fate:

  • willpower, the ability to see hidden information through the channels of intuition, but she herself comes to a person if he needs it, emotional detachment from the crowd as chosen loneliness or rejection by society;
  • a sense of his great mission, which the native follows, or a chaotic search for truth, if Pluto is weak;
  • good acting skills, but they appear only in crisis conditions, this is not the case when the shirt-guy and the star of school concerts, however, if necessary, transform into any image;
  • the gift of hypnosis, crowd control, communication with the other world, prophetic dreams;
  • indifference to the fate of specific people, for the sake of a great mission, they will easily sacrifice the weak links of the chain, in the negative – dictators, killer doctors who experiment on living people or on entire generations, creating new viruses, for example.

Despite the rather dark influence of the aspect, it is not at all necessary that the native will be an anti-hero. Such a person can become the savior of the world if he sets such a goal. He is able to invent medicines that will save many, or powerful weapons that will prove to be the guarantor of the country’s security. His teaching gift will help educate a new generation and it, in turn, will transform the world for the better.

Pluto-Chiron opposition and personal life

The native wants to live differently from everyone else. He needs passion, romance and a lot of secret sexual pleasure, sometimes beyond the forbidden. Chiron encourages outlandish experiments, and Pluto always attracts far into the darkness. If there are negative aspects with Lilith, Venus, Mars, a person really goes far in his secret pleasures, so it is very important to work through all these aspects and, as a counterbalance, develop spiritually so as not to lose control.

If Pluto is in the 7th house, then there will be a strong transformation of the personality through a partner. He will either suppress the love of freedom of the native and open the wounds of Chiron, subjugating him completely, or their perverted fantasies will coincide, and they will go through the crucible of transformation together.

One thing is obvious – the partner must be unusual in appearance, have power, finances, it is possible to work in an exotic field, such as magic, nightclubs, a detective agency, although a variant with law enforcement agencies is also possible. Men and women with Pluto-Chiron opposition often fall in love with representatives of the criminal world, those who are rejected by society, but have an attractive charisma. This sometimes endangers their lives.

Studying the opposition Pluto-Chiron

The native must by all means avoid the temptations of the dark side. Such a person always finds it easy to do what is forbidden or connected with evil. The creation of a bacteriological weapon will be more in demand and financially paid for than work on an antidote for dangerous viruses, and with the help of black magic, he will quickly take revenge on his enemies.

The only question is the response and karmic retribution. The pursuit of power should not overshadow the mind. The owners of the Chiron-Pluto opposition need to constantly change their internal attitudes, according to higher truths, eradicating addiction to pain and causing problems to others. They need freedom of expression, but they will need to get rid of jealousy, dominance in relationships and the desire to be rich at all costs. Money should serve their highest mission, and not enslave.

Talismans of good luck will be rauchtopaz , black diamond and volcanic glass.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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