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Opposition Sun – Moon

The opposition between the Sun and the Moon, although it implies disharmony, is still of great value to the owner of the horoscope. Such a person seeks to understand his goals in life and achieve them. Of course, on his way, he is faced with numerous surprises, vicissitudes of fate and unfavorable circumstances, but still the aspect contributes to the spiritual growth and development of the native.

The moon means human intuition and subconsciousness, and the sun means his conscious aspirations for social self-realization. In the life of a person with opposition between the luminaries, it is like a tug of war: the soul asks for one thing, and the mind for the diametrically opposite. Ignoring the voice of consciousness or subconsciousness leads to mistakes. By correcting the line of his behavior, the subject gradually improves himself.

Opposition Sun - Moon

The influence of the aspect on the personality of a person and his behavior

People with the opposition of the Sun and the Moon are proud, contradictory, touchy, infantile and tend to overestimate their strength. They build relationships with others with difficulty, since they are devoid of flexibility and the ability to adapt to someone else's character.

Working out the tense aspect makes the owners of the horoscope attentive, caring, spiritual and spiritually mature. They do not shy away from changes, but accept them calmly, trying not to grumble at fate, and deriving benefit and experience from any event, even if not entirely pleasant.

Subjects with this aspect need to avoid overexertion and stress. Constant concern for health and a positive attitude in life will make them invulnerable when faced with any adverse factors.

People with the opposition of the Sun and the Moon are best suited for activities related to public catering, parenting, pedagogy, real estate, various domestic services and health care.

Opposition of the Sun and Moon in natal women

The tense aspect between the marriage significator Sun and Moon in a woman's horoscope is an indication that relationships with members of the opposite sex will be difficult, especially at first. The reasons for these problems lie in the parental family model. The parents of the owner of the horoscope could have different aspirations and differing opinions on many issues, and this, in turn, affects the construction of their own relationships.

A woman with this aspect needs to learn to clearly distinguish between male and female roles and functions in the family. Even if her partner turns out to be too soft and indecisive, you should not take on his obligations. Diplomacy and the ability to transfer initiative to a man will help to avoid many problems in relationships.

Opposition of the Sun and Moon in natal men    

The aspect of opposition between the two luminaries in a man's birth chart indicates that he often has misunderstandings and sharp contradictions with women that are not easy to resolve. His partner can turn out to be capricious, selfish and proud, and the owner of the horoscope sometimes has to spend a lot of time and energy trying to reach an agreement with her. Sensitivity, patience, tolerance and willingness to change will help the owner of the horoscope to solve many problems in his personal life.

Opposition of the Sun and the Moon in the child's natal chart    

The disharmonious aspect between the Sun and the Moon in the child's birth chart indicates that the child will experience some difficulties in adapting to new conditions. Sometimes the baby has mood swings, anxiety and moods.

Such children need to be protected from stress and emotional disturbances. The more adults spend time preparing a baby for a new stage in life (for entering kindergarten, school, moving or changing the immediate environment), the better he will be able to adapt to new circumstances. Parents should teach the child to be decisive, confident, strong, inquisitive and attentive to others.

Lilia Garipova


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