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Planets in the first house


Jupiter in the first house

Such people are generous, optimistic, cheerful, confident, have good intentions and good vitality. You most likely love and are good at outdoor sports. This area can bring many opportunities in personal growth, as well as avoid the problem of weight gain. Self-confidence makes these people good leaders and promoters, as they have the ability to inspire people. However, you can be extravagant, gullible, overly emotional, self-centered, or succumb to your own weaknesses.


Mars in the first house

You have tremendous vitality. Sometimes you have so much energy that you become reckless, impulsive, and ignore any warnings. You may experience situations that will leave cuts and burns on your face or head, which may leave a scar. You are persistent, independent, impatient and want to have your own business. You have strong organizational skills. You tend to be confident. You should consider protecting yourself from accidents due to your impulsiveness. You can often get colds.
Planets in the first house


Venus in the first house

You are friendly and attractive with your charm. You are like honey that attracts bees. You always know what to tell people what they want to hear. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. You have the ability to attract everything you need from life. People and things just appear in your life. But you don't have to use people to get what you want. You enjoy luxurious things and you know a lot about it. Also, such people can be quite selfish and egocentric. Can act like spoiled children.


Sun in the first house

You value yourself very much and spend a lot of time and energy on personal affairs. This is not to say that you do not care about others, but that you have a job that is of great importance to you. You want to be noticed so that everyone knows who you are and what you represent. You want to be a leader or a dominant person. You are confident, independent and responsible. Nutrition should be monitored. Be wary of unjustified pride, try to be humble. Reward others for their efforts.
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Mercury in the first house

You easily adapt to any situation, smart, inquisitive, eloquent, witty, excitable. You want to know a lot. Your speeches and writing express your own thoughts. Due to nervous situations in your life, you can lose weight, but this threatens with nervous disorders. You love to talk about what interests you.


Uranus in the first house

You have a strong will, such people are independent, original, perhaps a little egocentric, freedom-loving, a well-developed sense of intuition. You are an interesting and inspiring person who attracts people to you. You can be deliberately excitable, nervous, and anxious. You may feel anxious and lonely, most likely due to your inherent uniqueness. You are expressing traditional concepts in unusual, new means. You need to listen to your intuition, which is highly developed in you. You can be a leader who will be followed by many new ideas. You are ahead of the upcoming events. Because of the constant reflection, you spend little time on physical activity.


Saturn in the first house

Most likely, you are withdrawn, calm and serious. People can perceive you as a cold person. You are responsible, hardworking, commitment is the top priority on the list of your personal qualities. Everyone sees you as a disciplined person with excellent self-control. Perhaps you had a difficult childhood or were strictly brought up. You may have been ill with something that makes you keep aloof. Feelings of inferiority and insecurity can push you towards greater ambitions and achievements. Perhaps you feel unloved or unworthy of love. These feelings can arise from early childhood. Due to the inner struggle, you often get depressed and pessimistic. Keep your head up and think that hard work is never wasted, the reward will come later in your life, if you do it now. Survival questions can turn into a game.


Neptune in the first house

You tend to be artistic, dreamy, idealistic, psychological, hypersensitive to the environment. Getting lost in your own imagination can lead you to disappointment, whims, instability. You may suffer from other people's sad stories. You can enjoy the role of a savior or a martyr. Day-to-day problems may cause you to go far into your own little world. Make sure you don't get lost in it. Everything is inherent in you to live and act on this globe. Your body can react quickly to real or imagined ailments. You, like a sponge, quickly absorb the influence of the world around you. So be careful when choosing your surroundings. Keep an eye on the medication you are taking because there are probably some that can drive you far. Maybe,
Pluto in the first house


Pluto in the first house

Such people have a strong will, are self-sufficient and try to exert their influence everywhere. But, nevertheless, they may lack self-confidence. Managing others can be a real challenge for you. You need experience and reconfiguration. The topic of regeneration occupies your mind. You have a magnetism that attracts people to you, but you can be a loner that people do not understand. You can be gentle and sensitive, but you will always fight for what you believe in. You will not step back a step. You can get angry, and if that happens, you become a real atomic bomb. You have the ability to heal and should consider developing this ability. We must learn to forget and forgive, not think about offenses, real or imaginary. It doesn't hurt to learn to be more flexible. 


Moon in the first house

Capriciousness and volatility are your main qualities. This is what causes indecision, uncertainty and security. Due to being shy about your appearance, you may change your mood frequently. You are sensitive, too worried about what people think and say about you. Forget about everyone and focus on your great life instead. Develop confidence, courage, be different, don't let bad feelings get to you. You can be very sensitive to the environment, so don't go to places that can bring you bad memories and dislike. Your subconscious mind is probably very strong and sometimes completely uncontrollable. Be less sensitive to real or imagined grudges against the people around you. Stay positive. You can be absolutely calm. Perhaps your mother had a great influence on you when you were a child. Some of your strengths or weaknesses came about because of this. Its strong influence can continue to this day, for good or bad. Concentrate on your personality and keep doing your thing. Try to find something that allows you to express your individuality and uniqueness in your work. Find a calling you like. Without this emotional satisfaction, you simply will not have a career and will not be happy with your job. which allows you to express your individuality and uniqueness in your work. Find a calling you like. Without this emotional satisfaction, you simply will not have a career and will not be happy with your job. which allows you to express your individuality and uniqueness in your work. Find a calling you like. Without this emotional satisfaction, you simply will not have a career and will not be happy with your job.  
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