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Planets in the third house


Mercury in the third house

You are smart, alert, adaptive, versatile, and hardworking. While in the 3rd house, Mercury stimulates the mind and body, allowing you to express your thoughts freely and allowing you to bring your ideas to completion. You are capable of being a jack of all trades, and there is the possibility of a large number of short trips. This position is favorable for teachers, those who are engaged in detailed work and those whose work involves using a computer. Also present are the ability to write and speak.


Mars in the  third house

You are restless, perhaps easily excitable, and most likely often nervous. You have an inexhaustible faith in your own ideas. You are alert, determined, and enthusiastic with an abundance of mental energy. It is very important for you to develop your thinking in an analytical way, as impulsive thinking can create many difficulties for you, including problems with close relatives and neighbors. There is also the likelihood of many short trips. Your energy is spent on activities in relation to others.
Planets in the third house


Jupiter in the  third house

You tend to be optimistic, traditional, tactful and philosophical. Your intuition is strong enough. This Jupiter position allows you to develop and expand your mental abilities, making it easier to understand the material being studied. You are very loved by your closest and distant relatives, as well as neighbors. You are characterized by mental anxiety, which can be overcome through activities that keep you in constant motion. You must be careful when you waste your energy. You tend to be impractical and complacent. Your mind tends to think broadly rather than in detail.


Venus in the  third house

You can have artistic and creative ability in speaking and writing while expressing yourself beautifully in any of these activities. The love of travel and the creation of a fairly harmonious and comfortable space are characteristic of you. Relationships with neighbors and close relatives are most likely lighthearted and very pleasant. Due to your dislike of disharmony, you avoid collisions with people in your immediate environment, hating to rock the boat.


Uranus in the  third house

Your mind is independent, original, creative, non-standard, curious, perhaps even somewhat eccentric and uncommon. The people around you at times cannot understand your thoughts and why you express yourself in this way. You strive to go ahead of time. Mental restlessness forces you to always be on the lookout for new information and knowledge. You have unique abilities to disseminate acquired knowledge and information. Frequent change of opinions as new information is received is peculiar to you. Relationships with close relatives are likely to be non-standard and at times are somewhat excitable and tense. Boredom is rarely a problem for you. The desire for fresh impressions and new experiences is the reason for active travel. Intellectual freedom is very important to you.


Saturn in the  third house

Your mind is serious, strict, patient and accurate, and on top of that you have the ability to deeply concentrate on a subject. With this ability comes a tendency toward depression, pessimism, loneliness, and depression. You have organizational skills and probably a conservative and traditional mindset. Math and strategy games are typical for you. Time-consuming projects don't bother you. You feel a little isolated from relatives and neighbors, or they may give you trouble, which may lead to problems communicating with them. Try to remain optimistic in your thinking and in the meantime, just keep working hard. Your lungs need a lot of oxygen, so try to sleep in a well-ventilated area.


Neptune in the  third house

You are idealistic and creative. Your mind absorbs information with ease without being forced. Your visualization and imagination abilities are quite vivid. Inspiration can come to you completely unexpectedly and there may even be flashes of clairvoyance. Perhaps you had a feeling that you could read other people's minds? Concentrating on book-related work can be quite difficult for you. Have you tried sleeping with a book under your pillow? Possible karmic commitments to close relatives and neighbors should be reviewed. Feelings of insecurity can lead to a nervous breakdown. You can tend to be unreliable and negative. Work must be done to eradicate procrastination and idle daydreaming.


Pluto in the  third house

Your personality is versatile, inspirational, exploratory and original. You probably have a predisposition to evaluate and form opinions about people and circumstances. You are probably well aware of the person's true motives. You want to know the answers to all of your many questions, so exploring and solving puzzles and riddles may be yours. You probably enjoy playing detective. You may be constantly looking for something that will give meaning to your life or field of activity, ensuring the restoration of your energy and thinking. Frustration, depression, or anxiety can arise if these answers do not appear. This should be given special attention. Expressing yourself in writing can help relieve tension by clearing your thoughts and allowing new ideas to emerge. Once your thoughts and feelings are filtered,
Planets in the third house


Moon in the  third house

You are curious and can express your true feelings clearly enough through speech, poetry, or writing. Probably giving too much intelligence to your feelings. There is an urgent need for communication and collection of information, which you subsequently share with people around you, mostly female. You have a great sense of humor and love to prank and play around. Traveling is inherent in you, providing new opportunities for learning. Routine of any kind tires you and you are constantly on the lookout for variety. Your ideas change instantly, making you flexible and able to adapt to any situation. Learning is perhaps best achieved through listening rather than reading. You can be quite emotional at times. As for vocation, then the emphasis is on communication skills and information sharing. Your identity collects, shares and responds to any information. This position represents a mediator, a liaison and a person with a distribution function.
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Sun in the  third house

Knowledge is very important for you and you are in constant pursuit of it, you also like to share this acquired information with others. And while you are most likely open to new ideas, you strive for their scientific basis before you believe in something. Your mind loves to create, while being solid and independent. Pride and intellectual dominance are the qualities you need to work on, especially the latter. Patience must also be developed. Misunderstandings may arise with your immediate family and neighbors because of your belief that it is you who are always or mostly always right. You have a strong desire to learn and this can lead to many short trips. You need constant communication and have developed writing and speaking skills.
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