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Sun in the 3rd house

The sun in the third house of the horoscope emphasizes the personality on connections, contacts and communications with other people. Such people are keenly interested in everything that happens, easily make acquaintances and find  time to support them.

These owners of the Sun in the 3rd house love to study, and they do it well. By nature, they have a flexible mind, good cognitive abilities and a desire for continuous improvement of skills. As a rule, such people read a lot. Books, the Internet, social networks, the immediate environment – all these represent important and valuable sources of information, thanks to which people always know how to navigate and resolve the situation.

The surrounding people appreciate the owners of the Sun in the 3rd house, because they can present any information in an interesting and accessible way. In addition, these people will always have the necessary information. If there is not enough data, they know where to find it. People with this Sun position can be good agents, dispatchers, consultants, salespeople, etc.

Literary and writing activities also attract these owners of the horoscope, because they feel that they have to say something meaningful to the world. The topics that such people like to touch upon are always socially important, and they like to present the news first.

Often such individuals have dexterity, physical mobility and good orientation in space. During the day they manage to visit several places and do a lot of things. Meanwhile, chaotic activity in different directions may be deprived of any single, specific goal. Sun damaged people in the 3rd house suffer from carelessness, superficiality and scattered interests.

Relatives play an important role in the native’s life. Brothers and sisters can eventually take on a high office or a significant position in society.

Sun in 3rd house in various zodiac signs

People with the Sun in air and fire signs have the fastest reaction. People with the Sun in Gemini in the 3rd house are very sociable, curious and erudite, and the owners of the Sun in Leo are able to pay attention to themselves and what they say. They will inspire, direct, and give a charge of positive energy for future actions.

If the Sun in the 3rd house is located in the sign of Water, then such people can be  good psychologists. They comprehend a lot intuitively, and they can read what is written between the lines.

The sun in Earth signs will give interest in the exact sciences and applied disciplines. Knowledge will be the foundation for achieving a strong and stable position in life. The statements of such people will be unhurried, well thought out and weighty, and the advice will always be practical.

Sun in the 3rd house in a man’s birth chart

If a man’s Sun is located in the 3rd house of the horoscope, then he is distinguished by observation, curiosity and awareness. To keep abreast of all events, he maintains numerous contacts with friends and old acquaintances, travels a lot and follows the news.

Often such men cannot imagine their life without a car. They spend a lot of time driving and traveling.

Sun in the 3rd house in a woman’s birth chart

If the Sun occupies such a position in a woman’s card, then she most of all values ​​strong intellect, contact and organizational skills in men. It is these qualities that her father possesses, since the Sun in astrology symbolizes the father.

Accordingly, the spouse must have similar character traits. In addition, for the owner of the horoscope, the husband should be an interesting conversationalist and faithful companion when traveling.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Sun in 3rd House:


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