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Saturn in the 11th house

Saturn is considered the planet of difficulties, hardships and trials, but its location in the Eleventh house of the horoscope gives many advantages to the native. Such a person knows how to anticipate many life situations and plan the eventuality he needs. A subject with Saturn in the 11th house makes realistic predictions, as he diligently delves into the details of the case, analyzes the history of the issue and takes into account the evolving earthly circumstances.

Revealed clear patterns and accuracy in calculations allow to achieve amazing results. Moreover, such a person is not only diligent in work, but also knows how to apply a non-standard approach in business. Original working methods help to create something new from the old. This position of the sun is favorable for mathematicians, astronomers, engineers, astrologers and any people involved in calculations, inventive and scientific activities.

In addition, the 11th house is responsible for the native's friends. The native doesn't have that many close people who share his opinion. Best of all, the owner of Saturn in the house of the horoscope in question converges with people who are significantly superior in age, who have reached spiritual maturity and material well-being.

Main characteristics of native

The owner of the horoscope is distinguished by hard work, high intelligence, good working capacity and organizational talents. Such people, as a rule, believe that collective work contributes to the spiritual growth and development of any person. Thanks to teamwork, communication and exchange of ideas, each member of the group is better aware of his creative potential, seeks to maximize it and use his strength for the good of society.

A person with Saturn in the 11th house can play a prominent role in various organizations. His attention can be attracted by politics, social movements, cultural, charitable and educational events. Moreover, his activities are not entertaining, but purely business, serious.

Subject leads people well. He does it competently and accurately, taking into account the abilities, interests and inclinations of others.

In friends, the native values ​​decency, responsibility, perseverance, wisdom and seriousness. The bar of his requirements in relation to allies and associates is very high, therefore not every person can work with him. But if the subject has friends, then they are truly efficient, professional, loyal and devoted people.

Saturn and zodiac signs

The owner of a strong Saturn (in Libra, in Capricorn) in the 11th house of the radix stands out for his prudence, originality of thinking, foresight and ability to plan. He sets the right goals and achieves them through perseverance and perseverance. Friends and like-minded people help him in many cases. They help to see an alternative solution in the most controversial situations and provide real support in difficult times for a native.

If Saturn is essentially weak in a given field (for example, in Aries or in Cancer), then his friends come across selfish, treacherous, selfish and unreliable. After experiencing troubles in a relationship, the owner of the horoscope may decide to move away from friends at an impressive distance.

Saturn and its aspects

Harmonious aspects of Saturn in the 11th house make a person more organized, disciplined and assertive. He knows how to attract others to a common cause, and in a team he quickly gains the authority of a knowledgeable, reasonable and professional person.

The tense aspects of the planet in the 11th radix field prevent a person from taking a worthy place in the working group. In business and relationships, he shows inconstancy, conflict, selfishness and distrust.

Lilia Garipova

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